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Introduce My Connex

It represents a reliable range of services, keeping you
and your vehicle safe 24/7.

Telematics Smartphone Accessibility

customised for Car dealer > stay connected to your customers

A module-platform to track location, driving behaviors, patterns, and vehicle data.

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Why My Connex?

My Connex offers unique mobility solutions with the following features.

Automatic driver recognition

Phone and Speed alert

Locate car on google map, street view, satellite view, traffic information…Last parked location

Ignition on/off, parked/driving, speed, device battery voltage, car battery voltage, last update…

Trips made, distance, maximum speed

Speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering

Speed limit, Smart alarm

Historical trips with driving score

Check your account details

Alarms, driving, support…

Ignore mode, door lock/unlock, horn & lights On/Off, engine lock/unlock

Fuel level, fuel range, odometer, bonnet status, door open/close status, door lock/unlock status

Enter refuel data and view fuel usage on charts and more statistics from the Web

View fuel usage, statistics, driving events etc…

SPD configuration set-up, tracking mode on/off

Set service reminder

View cars with Connex in one App

Speed call to report theft and request for emergency,/breakdown assist…

Stay in the know anytime and anywhere with our app right at your fingertips!
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