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Today, this vision has taken on a grander, wider scale. CSE is now working with our partners – including internationally established technology companies, insurance companies, telecommunication giants, automotive manufacturers and assemblers – to tap these opportunities that come with the surging waves of technology advancements, global shifts, industrial and business developments taking place in the 21st century.

To face this challenge, CSE itself has transformed. It is no longer represented by a single company – CSE Automotive Technologies. Today, CSE is a group also made up of CSE Telematics, Cobra Auto, CSE Singapore, CSE Regional TSPs and CSE Science Jet. CSE has invested and put ourselves in a position where we are now able to address and cater for the design and development of telematics platforms and technologies; in terms of both hardware integration and software applications.

Telematics is the new frontier. Presently, it encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications) and computer science (multimedia, Internet). Tomorrow, the horizons of telematics might stretch further; beyond that.

But we stand ready to face change. The CSE Group now has the resources required — hardware, software, data centre, 24/7 Secure Operations Centre, installation, field services and support – to take on telematics projects spanning across various industries, technologies and sectors. With these resources, CSE is now able to work with insurance companies to take advantage of the de-tariffed auto insurance environment, collaborate with telco to launch a new intelligent fleet management solution and continue our partnerships with automakers.

We would like to share this vision and work with our partners to make the world a safer, better place to live in; especially on the road, where many lives are lost. Telematics can be used to make a difference to society. To us, this has always been an idea worth spreading, worth aspiring to and always worth working towards.

Our Vision
We want to ensure the safety and security of road users in the markets we operate in. To accomplish this, our Vision is to be the leading provider of Automotive & Telematics Systems solutions through our innovative spirit, quality standards and professionalism in our business
Our Mission
Driven With Purpose

Our Products

To consistently innovate and deliver quality products and solutions that meet the needs of our markets and deliver values to our customers.

Our Service

Be committed to providing the highest level of customer service by ensuring we are accessible, dependable and timely in delivering service excellence.

Our Customers

Deal with our customers with honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times.

Our People

Create a working environment that encourages our staff to achieve excellence in their work and to use experience and knowledge to develop their careers.

Our Stakeholders

By delivering the above, business success and value to our shareholders will be secured.

Our Values
Leading the Way
We are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction and aim for highest levels of achievement in terms of quality, cost, delivery and service. We are committed to the promotion, development and constant support of the following activities:

  • To promote Quality awareness and cultivate a Quality Culture.
  • To provide training for all levels of staff to improve competency.
  • To develop and integrate Quality principles in all organisational procedures and processes in accordance with the Quality Management System requirements.
  • To meet all customers and regulatory requirements.

We are committed to the care and protection of our environment. We will seek solutions and realise them through harmonised activities in order to fulfil our social responsibilities. To achieve our objectives, we are committed:

  • To be conscious of global environment movements and to comply with all relevant environment laws, rules and regulation.
  • To carry out Environmental Objectives or Targets based on evaluation of the environmental impact of our business activities, product and services.
  • To conduct continuous improvement of environment preservation activities wherever technically and economically viable.
  • To reduce and manage the environmental aspects in our manufacturing processes, adopting the best available technology and resources to substitute into our products.
  • To implement resource and energy conservation, waste management and recycling in key business areas.
  • To promote employee awareness of the Environmental Policy and ensure its successful implementation.

We are committed to achieving and maintaining a high level of Health and Safety at work place. We will provide effective management of Health and Safety risks at all workplaces. To achieve our objectives, we will:

  • Take all reasonable practicable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees.
  • Conduct all activities in our company in a manner that will ensure the Health and Safety of our employees and in compliance with local government regulations.
  • Provide and maintain a healthy working environment at all times.
  • Ensure adequate control of Health and Safety risks arising from work activities.
  • Provide all required instruction, training, supervision, and other relevant Health and Safety information to employees.
  • Ensure that all employees are competent in the work activities they engage in.
  • Continue to consult with and update employees on all Health and Safety issues.
  • Learn from our experience to improve our Health & Safety best practice and promulgate this best practice.

35 years track record in vehicle security

Partnerships with leaders in the industries for Automotive, Electronic systems and Telematics

This is CSE Group’s Retail arm for the after-market business. Responsible for the
distribution of our products, as well as installation and field support services.

CSE Secure Operations Centre (SOC), Operated Daily. 24/7
Auto eCall – Our team will help you facilitate with MERS 999 for nearest emergency rescue team to the exact crash location after receiving crash data of > 2G severity impact accidents.
Manual eCall – Our team will call the customer to confirm the response and facilitate with roadside assist provider for car breakdowns and MERS 999 for the nearest ambulance to location
Facilitate with fleet manager or customer should the device faults to report to our platform in case of unresponsive feedback.
Facilitating the vehicle recovery with the police for any theft confirmation emergencies from customers

  • Claims management;-Includes theft CG NCD Protection, & VIP Assist Accident Repair Transport Allowance
  • Service Subscription
  • Concierge Service & Maintenance

  • Service Activation
  • Product Support
  • Driver Event Management for Fleet Business
  • Idling, Speeding, Harsh Breadking, geofence and other events on behalf of fleet customer.


CSE Automotive Technologies, a CSE (Communications & Security Electronics) Group company, was founded in1985 in Kuala Lumpur to establish a research, development and manufacturing centre for remote control car alarm systems.

With an exclusive technology collaboration with Cobra Automotive Group Italy (Vodafone Automotive in 2015), CSE Automotive were the pioneers and the first to introduce remote control car alarm system technologies in Asia.


CSE Automotive secured its first OE (Original Equipment) supply contract in Malaysia with UMW Toyota Motor and Kah Motor Honda. All Toyota and Honda CKD (complete knocked down) cars assembled at the Malaysia assembly plants were fitted with our remote control car alarm and central locking system as standard equipment.


CSE Automotive has become the preferred Tier 1 automotive supplier to most of the major car makers for theft-deterrent security systems.


CSE Automotive secured technology partnerships with the Meta System Group in Italy and Fujitsu Ten Japan. These partnerships expanded our OE business to include parking aid systems, in-car entertainment and automotive electronic systems.


CSE cemented its entry into the emerging telematics industry by establishing CSE Telematics. This dedicated telematics operation has a regional telematics data centre infrastructure with 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) operations for theft management and stolen vehicle recovery services.


CSE Meta was incorporated to lead the design, development and manufacturing of Telematics technologies for the automotive, fleet and insurance industries.


CSE launched the first OES new car option Telematics Vehicle Security system in conjunction with Honda and available for all Honda models.

In the same year, CSE’s Telematics product offerings were again expanded with the launch of the Telematics fleet management system for commercial vehicles and fleet business, Minorplanet.


CSE Telematics entered into an OE partnership with Scope Technologies South Africa to provide professional fleet Telematics solutions under our own CSE Cobralink brand.


CSE Group partners with Sompo Singapore to provide Fleet Telematics Insurance products to the Singapore market.


CSE Automotive teams up with MotorImage to provide OE “Connected Car” system for the new 2016 Subaru Forester.


CSE Group partners with AXA Affin General Insurance to provide a complete end-to-end motor insurance solutions and the first Bank Negara approved Usage Based Insurance (UBI) product to the Malaysian market. AXA FlexiDrive, the 1st Telematics Motors Insurance that uses telematics to provide emergency and vehicle recovery services in the event of accident or theft.

CSE Group forms a partnership with Digi Telemcommunications to provide IoT Solutions targeted to consumers and business owners, starting with iFleet, a UBI-enabled Fleet Management software.

CSE launches a new Usage Based Insurance (UBI) ready Telematics product called CSE MetaTrak.


CSE in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia to launch a unique Telematics product called Mitsubishi Connected that keeps you connected with your vehicle from your mobile phone.

CSE in partnership with JBSI (Philippines) to provide connected vehicle solutions starting with VTEL, an UBI-enabled connected car system.

UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc. (Philippines) launches UCPB GEN Blackbox, the latest innovative telematics motor insurance that comes with a security device powered by VTEL.


CSE partners with AXA Affin General Insurance to launch AXA SmartDrive Safe, a telematics motor insurance that comes with a Microtag to provide immediate assistance during breakdown or emergency.


CSE partners with Berjaya Sompo Insurance to launch Sompo Motorsafe, a motor insurance plan that lets you choose a mileage plan based on how much you drive while still providing comprehensive coverage.


CSE once again partners with AXA Affin General Insurance to introduce AXA SmartMiles, an innovative Pay As You Drive motor insurance plan designed for low mileage drivers so you get to enjoy the same comprehensive coverage as traditional car insurance at an affordable premium. Even if you are a high mileage driver, you will not pay more premium with this smart pay as you drive plan.

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