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Our Proven Strength in Innovating Solutions
Since 2003, CSE has been working with Meta system and Octo telematics in Italy on the UBI technology.
With BNM’s de-tariffication in 2017, CSE was able to develop solutions to meet insurance companies pursue of UBI products including adding safety and security features to their traditional comprehensive motor insurance and the premium is based on usage.

The premium will take into account broader risk factors that will drive fairer pricing; greater innovation on new products tailored to consumer needs with improved services; and sustainable motor insurance protection for consumers over the long term at competitive prices.

CSE insurance telematics core infrastructure, software and applications are fully designed, developed & controlled internally. In partnership with AXA Malaysia, the first Telematics motor insurance in Malaysia, AXA FlexiDrive was launched in July 2017 itself. Currently, we are the only insurance telematics solution provider in the industry and with our experiences & know how, we continue to develop unique ‘Pay Per Use’ motor insurance products for various insurance companies.
Insurance Telematics Infrastructure
CSE core software & applications are internally designed, developed and controlled such as our web portals, data mining with KPI computation, setting & monitoring SLA with hosting company and telco network provider.
Devices for Insurance Telematics
CSE hardware & software design and development are internally designed and manufacturing subcontractors are carefully evaluated and audited for quality assurance.
System & Hardware Integration
CSE innovation provide seamless integration and customizable architecture or application, integrating it with both third-party hardware and custom software.
24/7 SOC, device logistics, installation and aftersales support
Our SOC provides crash and theft management as well as device logistics, installation and customer support services on behalf of insurance companies for the UBI projects.
CSE Secure Operations Centre (SOC), Operated Daily. 24/7
Auto eCall – Our team will help you facilitate with MERS 999 for nearest emergency rescue team to the exact crash location after receiving crash data of > 2G severity impact accidents.
Manual eCall – Our team will call the customer to confirm the response and facilitate with roadside assist provider for car breakdowns and MERS 999 for the nearest ambulance to location
The device is intelligent enough to perform an automatic health check and report if there is a failure.
Facilitates with the Police in the event of car theft.

  • Product and Service Enquiries
  • Claims management;-Includes theft CG NCD Protection, & VIP Assist Accident Repair Transport Allowance
  • Service Subscription
  • Concierge Service & Maintenance

  • Service Activation
  • Product Support
  • Driver Event Management for Fleet Business
  • Idling, Speeding, Harsh Breadking, geofence and other events on behalf of fleet customer.

Our Insurance Telematics Partners

AXA SmartMiles is an innovative Pay As You Drive motor insurance plan designed for low mileage drivers so you get to enjoy the same comprehensive coverage as traditional car insurance at an affordable premium. Even if you are a high mileage driver, you will not pay more premium with this smart pay as you drive plan.
First of it’s kind insurance plan that comes with a Microtag for 24/7 protection and safe driving rewards
An innovative Pay As You Drive plan with up to 50% upfront discount, and Sompo Tag device for 24/7 Safety Assistance & Top Up Reminders


Car Alarm

New generational Alarm solution introduced in 2014 – Fully ECE R116 & R10 Approved.

Supports peripheral options including:

  • Sirens – High powered/Back Up battery options
  • Interior protection sensor


PingDrive is an HD Digital Video Recorder which can capture excellent video detail on the road and journey ahead. It uses Micro SD card as the storage device, supports Wi-Fi connection and comes with a Mobile App to view and download videos.


  • HD Recording up to 1080P at 30FPS
  • Camera Function take HD photos during recording
  • Audio Sound Recording
  • Video Playback
  • Wi-Fi Connection to control DVR setting and review downloaded video
  • Emergency Automatic Video Locking
  • Parking Monitor

Parking Aid

Park Distance Control
1. Front & Rear warning signalling using bumper mounted ultrasonic sensors
2. Ultrasonic with rear camera integration (OE Development)

New generation parking sensor system introduced in 2015

  • New generation digital sensors developed and used in OE applications globally
  • Supports LIN 2.0 for full OE integration with BCU
  • Calibration programmed in the sensors with “Beam Shaping” for less detection errors
  • Two types of sensor mechanical design available (90° or 180° alternatives)
  • Two types of installation mounting methods available (Clip-on or Flush Mount types)
  • Multiple configurations:
    • 2 x Front or 2 x Rear
    • 4 x Front or 4 x Rear
  • Proven OEM Solution
  • Technology provides a low cost solution for localisation projects
  • Proven system with millions of sensors in the market globally as OEM supply

Wireless Charger

Triple Coil Embedded System

The “Triple coil embedded system” is a wireless charging module designed to be integrated in any surface. Using the provided adhesive mounting tape, it can be installed under slim surfaces (maximum 5 mm thickness). No need for screws:
The installation process is quick and easy, and the charger can be removed without damaging the top. The “Triple coil embedded system” is Qi certified and works with any Qi-certified device. A triple-coil system ensures high positioning freedom. Maximum power delivered is 10W


  • Certified with WPC Qi 1.2.4
  • Designed for integration: a completely hidden solution
  • Industrial adhesive mounting tape, no need for screws
  • Quick and practical installation process, easy charger removal without damaging the top
  • Maximum power 10W
  • Triple coil free positioning technology allows wider charging area compared to standard solutions
  • Designed to be installed under surfaces with maximum thickness of 5mm (0.19in)
  • Fixed frequency power transfer for the best compatibility with the vehicle environment
  • Compact design for easy embedding in the vehicle. The small PCB gives complete freedom and flexibility to the car interior designers

AXA SmartMiles

AXA SmarftDrive Safe

SOMPO MotorSafe

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