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Introducing Pay Per Use Insurance

The traditional motor insurance in Malaysia has always been regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). The premium is based on a fixed rate with unlimited mileage for the year approved by BNM.

Since the de-tariffication in 2017, a few insurance companies started to add safety and security features to their traditional comprehensive insurance and the premium is based on usage rather than on a fixed set of risk parameters. Hence, the creation of the new Pay Per Use Insurance on the market. Car owners have the option to choose the right insurance product that suits them best.

Pay Per Use insurance is a type of comprehensive car insurance that is based on usage plus the benefits of enhanced safety & security features such as:

Introducing CoverBox

CoverBox was set up to be the agents of insurance companies that offers Pay Per Use Insurance products and its main objective is for customer to use the CoverBox’s online platform to check and compare all the PPU insurance products available on the market and choose the right product that meets their needs.

Pay Per Use Insurance Provider


Pay Per Use Insurance by CoverBox

Choose the right Pay Per Use insurance that meet your needs.
Bravo Safe is an exclusive Reward Program with 24/7 Accident Alert and Emergency Assistance available to all Generali comprehensive car policyholders for only RM30/year, enabled by a complimentary wire-free Bravo Tag device.
Get rewarded by driving safe! The safer you drive, the more points you will earn. Use your points to redeem the e-vouchers. Complimentary points will be awarded once you have successfully paired and activated Bravo Tag. Earn extra points throughout the policy period by completing the game challenges. Make sure you turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone in order to earn points.

  • eCall – Automatic Accident Alert & Emergency Assistance Response
    When your vehicle gets into a severe accident and triggers the alert, you will receive a call immediately to provide you prompt assistance such as ambulance dispatch if necessary.
  • bCall
    In the event of car breakdown or emergency, press the SOS button on Bravo Tag to get assistance. Our 24/7 Call Centre will call you and provide immediate assistance.
  • Safe Driving Alert (SDA)
    Turn on SDA for real time friendly ‘beeping’ alert to notify drivers about unsafe events, to prevent phone distraction and speeding whilst keeping your passengers safe.

Bravo Tag is wire-free, self-powered, and designed for simplicity and ease.

It seamlessly syncs with our Bravo Safe mobile app via Bluetooth each time you drive. No manuals, no hassle, just smooth connectivity and instant protection.
An innovative Pay As You Drive plan with up to 50% upfront discount, and Sompo Tag device for 24/7 Safety Assistance & Top Up Reminders

  • eCall – Automatic accident detection & response (in case of serious crash).
  • bCall – just press button for breakdown assistance.
  • Safe driving – A beeping alert is used to prevent driver distraction caused by phone texting.

  • Automatic mileage recording via SOMPO Tag Device & App.
  • Pay As You Drive (PAYD) – View driven mileage, update odometer, receive predictive top-up reminder and top up at anytime.

  • 50% upfront discount based on mileage plan selected.
  • 5000km comprehensive, 50% upfront discount.
  • 10000km comprehensive, 30% upfront discount.
  • 15000km comprehensive, 20% upfront discount.
  • Special Perils Coverage: Covers up to RM10,000 or 20% of Sum Insured, whichever is lower.
  • Repair Warranty of 12 months.
  • All Drivers cover.

  • Unlimited towing
  • Transport reimbursement up to RM2,000 in case of accident repair at an authorized workshop
  • 24/7 Hrs Call Centre Customer Service
  • Repair on spot service up to RM300 free labour
    • Battery jumpstart/replacement
    • Tyre replacement
    • Fuel delivery

Complimentary by CoverBox when you sign up with SOMPO MotorSafe. Terms & Conditions apply.

MSIG EZ-Mile is an add-on for MSIG Private Car Comprehensive Policy, MSIG Private Car with Driver’s PA, MSIG Motor Plus and MSIG Lady Motor Plus that lets you pay-as-you-drive, with a lower premium when you commit to drive within a specific mileage during the year. With this add-on, you will also get a complimentary MSIG microtag that connects to your smartphone to track your mileage and help you to call for roadside assistance when you need it.

  • Top-up reminder
    Pings you when you almost exceeded your Allocated Mileage
  • Safe Driving Alert
    Beeps a warning when you are texting while driving above 20km/h
  • eCall – Automatic accident detection & response
    Automatically sends crash details to an authorized call centre
  • bCall – Concierge Emergency
    Request 24-hour breakdown or emergency roadside assistance with one button

  • Automatic mileage recording via MSIG microtag
  • Pay As You Drive (PAYD) – View driven mileage, receive top-up reminder and safety assistance in the event of car breakdown or emergency.

Pay a lower premium on your motor comprehensive insurance based on a low anticipated mileage usage for the year.

There are 3 plans available for you to choose:

A 0 UP TO 5,000 KM
B 0 UP TO 10,000 KM
C 0 UP TO 15,000 KM

  • Cover for Windscreens, Windows and Sunroof
  • Separate Cover for Accessories fixed to Your Car
  • Gas Conversion Kit and Tank
  • Legal Liability to Passengers
  • Smart Key Shield (Non-Tariff)
  • 24-Hour Unlimited Towing Service (Non-Tariff)
  • Driver’s PA Cover (Non-Tariff) (applicable only to MSIG Private Car with
  • Driver’s PA Insurance Policy)
  • Driver’s Personal Accident (Non-Tariff)
  • Policyholder’s Personal Accident Cover (Non-Tariff)
  • Loss or Damage to Personal Belongings (Non-Tariff)
  • Transportation Allowance (Non-Tariff)
  • Limits of Liability for Third Party Property Damage (TPPD)
  • Current Year “NCD” Relief

MSIG EZ-Mile is available at MSIG website.

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    AXA Smart Miles


    • eCall automatic accident alert and response via already connected mileage cigarette lighter plug
    • Manual eCall for fast emergency/breakdown services
    • Stolen vehicle tracking by 24/7 SOC


    • eCall automatic accident alert and response via already connected mileage cigarette lighter plug
    • Manual eCall for fast emergency/breakdown services
    • Stolen vehicle tracking by 24/7 SOC


    • 50% upfront discount for 3000 km comprehensive with auto mileage top up pay as you drive service
    • 3-6000km top up, 40% discount
    • 6-9000km top up, 30% discount
    • 9-12000km top up, 20% discount
    • > 12000km, 0 discount – you will not pay more premium even if you are a high mileage user
    • Key care protection up to RM1000
    • Flood allowance up to RM1000
    • All drivers extension


    Bravo Safe

    SOMPO MotorSafe

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