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Our Proven Strength in Innovating Solutions
Since 2003, CSE has been working with Meta system and Octo telematics in Italy on the UBI technology.
CSE is a leading provider of Insurance Telematics since 2017, with the introduction of the FIRST BNM-approved product in Malaysia, and has expanded to include 6 insurance products. We have extensive experience in deploying Insurance Telematics projects and collecting driving data, accident information, and claims, giving invaluable insights and solutions for our insurance partners. Our partners have seen great results and have been motivated to expand their Telematics portfolio. We continue to use our expertise to develop unique ‘Pay Per Use’ motor insurance products.
For more than 38 years, CSE has been a trusted supplier of award-winning Security & Telematics systems to the Automotive, Insurance, Telco, and Fleet industries. The CSE group of companies, which includes CSE Telematics, CSE Automotive Technologies, Science Jet, Cobra Auto, CSE Borneo, CSE
Singapore, and CSE Regional TSPs, has all the necessary resources, including hardware, software, platform, data center, 24/7 Secure Operations Centre, installation, field services, and support, to undertake Telematics projects across various industries, technologies, and sectors.
CSE Unique Predictive Risk Flag
By leveraging advanced mathematical models, claims, and a vast array of Telematics data, over the years CSE have developed a unique “Predictive Risk Flag” for Malaysian drivers, a powerful Risk flag algorithm that enables to predict the likelihood of accident for each new onboarded driver just after a few trips. With this information, insurance partners can implement personalized engagement campaigns to incentivize behavior change, reduce the risk of accidents, and keep the safe drivers.
Big Data and Engagement
CSE offers insurance partners the ability to utilize detailed driving data (hundreds of parameters) from each connected customer for accurate risk profiling, pricing, risk prediction, and design product evolution. Ability to develop complex KPI scoring, computing data received from the device in the vehicle (e.g. mileage, position, speed, acceleration, distraction, and etc) and data from 3rd-Party data providers (speed limit, type of road, traffic, weather, and etc). Knowing your customers will also allow you to conduct targeted marketing campaigns, cross-selling activities and engage with your customers.
Insurance own scoring IP
We work with actuaries and underwriters so that our Insurance partners can leverage their claims data to build unique IP and tailor scoring and risk flags to their portfolio. By incorporating their own claims data, insurers can gain a deeper understanding of their customers and their specific risk profiles, which can help them make more accurate underwriting decisions.

Additionally, by using their own data, insurers can create customized risk models that are specific to their portfolio and the types of risks they insure against. This can help them better manage their risk exposure and optimize their pricing strategies.

Crash Report and Claims Management
Our system is able to automatically generate a comprehensive crash reconstruction report in just minutes after a crash is detected through our Telematics device or Customer’s Smartphone.

Our first-in-class crash reconstruction report provides a detailed view of the accident, including critical information on the dynamic of the crash.

By leveraging our cutting-edge Claims validation module, our Insurance partners can obtain critical insights and use them to validate claims and expedite the claims process. This can be invaluable in settling insurance claims quickly and efficiently.

Integration with car Makers’ devices & Single contact point
Our UBI solution is not just limited to our devices. We are able to integrate it with 3rd Party devices and the connected car system from OE car makers. This enables us to provide our Insurance partners with a single point of contact for managing Telematics data from multiple car makers.

Therefore, we are able to provide standardized UBI data to insurance partners for them to offer Insurance Telematics products without the need for custom integration with each individual car maker, regardless of the device being used.

We have the ability to re-brand our App for our Insurance partners or seamlessly integrate our features into their existing Apps.

Over the years we have developed many new features for our customers across multiple industries including Automotive, Insurance, Fleet, and Telco. Our features can be mixed and matched across our product range, in relation to the Telematics solution selected.

Insurance Telematics Infrastructure
We design, develop and control our own Telematics infrastructure, including all core software and applications. Our platform is highly customizable and device-agnostic, allowing us to cater to our clients’ specific requirements. Additionally, we can integrate with other business systems and custom applications, providing a seamless and comprehensive solution. Our core software and applications are internally designed and controlled, including web portals, data mining with KPI computation and monitoring SLA with hosting and telco network providers. Our Telematics solutions are flexible, scalable, and customizable, easily adapting to your evolving business needs and growth.
We provide cost-effective and superior UBI solutions and value-added services that have enabled insurance companies to successfully launch UBI programs in Malaysia. We have already launched 6 insurance products, with more in development, to help our clients stay ahead in the industry.
Telematics Devices
We provide a diverse range of Telematics devices to cater to any business requirement. Our offerings include the intelligent UBI App, which can transform any smartphone into a Telematics device solution, Bluetooth-enabled devices that interface with our App, and standalone devices that work independently. All of our devices seamlessly integrate with our device-agnostic Telematics platform, providing a reliable and consistent user experience. We internally design the hardware and firmware for our Telematics devices, and our manufacturing process is carefully evaluated and audited, ensuring our commitment to quality control.
System & Hardware Integration
CSE innovation provide seamless integration and customizable architecture or application, integrating it with both third-party hardware and custom software.
24/7 SOC, device logistics, installation and aftersales support
Our SOC provides crash and theft management as
well as device logistics, installation and customer
support services on behalf of insurance companies
for the UBI projects.

We also provide comprehensive end-to-end
solutions, including devices, a telematics platform,
installation, field services, and customer support. We
prioritize customer satisfaction and offer
customizable insurance telematics solutions to meet
the unique needs of each partner. Our solutions
accurately price risk, engage customers, and improve
portfolio health, and are backed by our extensive
experience and expertise in the industry.

24/7 CSE Secure Operations Centre (SOC), ISO 27001 Certified
Auto eCall – Our team will help you facilitate with MERS 999 for nearest emergency rescue team to the exact crash location after receiving crash data of > 2G severity impact accidents.
Manual eCall – Our team will call the customer to confirm the response and facilitate with roadside assist provider for car breakdowns and MERS 999 for the nearest ambulance to location
The device is intelligent enough to perform an automatic health check and report if there is a failure.
Facilitates with the Police in the event of car theft.

  • Product and Service Enquiries
  • Claims management;-Includes theft CG NCD Protection, & VIP Assist Accident Repair Transport Allowance
  • Service Subscription
  • Concierge Service & Maintenance

  • Service Activation
  • Product Support
  • Driver Event Management for Fleet Business
  • Idling, Speeding, Harsh Breadking, geofence and other events on behalf of fleet customer.

Our Insurance Telematics Partners


Bravo Safe is an exclusive Reward Program with 24/7 Accident Alert and Emergency Assistance available to all Generali comprehensive car policyholders for only RM30/year, enabled by a complimentary wire-free Bravo Tag device.
Get rewarded by driving safe! The safer you drive, the more points you will earn. Use your points to redeem the e-vouchers. Complimentary points will be awarded once you have successfully paired and activated Bravo Tag. Earn extra points throughout the policy period by completing the game challenges. Make sure you turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone in order to earn points.

  • eCall – Automatic Accident Alert & Emergency Assistance Response
    When your vehicle gets into a severe accident and triggers the alert, you will receive a call immediately to provide you prompt assistance such as ambulance dispatch if necessary.
  • bCall
    In the event of car breakdown or emergency, press the SOS button on Bravo Tag to get assistance. Our 24/7 Call Centre will call you and provide immediate assistance.
  • Safe Driving Alert (SDA)
    Turn on SDA for real time friendly ‘beeping’ alert to notify drivers about unsafe events, to prevent phone distraction and speeding whilst keeping your passengers safe.

Bravo Tag is wire-free, self-powered, and designed for simplicity and ease.

It seamlessly syncs with our Bravo Safe mobile app via Bluetooth each time you drive. No manuals, no hassle, just smooth connectivity and instant protection.
An innovative Pay As You Drive plan with up to 50% upfront discount, and Sompo Tag device for 24/7 Safety Assistance & Top Up Reminders

  • eCall – Automatic accident detection & response (in case of serious crash).
  • bCall – just press button for breakdown assistance.
  • Safe driving – A beeping alert is used to prevent driver distraction caused by phone texting.

  • Automatic mileage recording via SOMPO Tag Device & App.
  • Pay As You Drive (PAYD) – View driven mileage, update odometer, receive predictive top-up reminder and top up at anytime.

  • 50% upfront discount based on mileage plan selected.
  • 5000km comprehensive, 50% upfront discount.
  • 10000km comprehensive, 30% upfront discount.
  • 15000km comprehensive, 20% upfront discount.
  • Special Perils Coverage: Covers up to RM10,000 or 20% of Sum Insured, whichever is lower.
  • Repair Warranty of 12 months.
  • All Drivers cover.

MSIG EZ-Mile is an add-on for MSIG Private Car Comprehensive Policy, MSIG Private Car with Driver’s PA, MSIG Motor Plus and MSIG Lady Motor Plus that lets you pay-as-you-drive, with a lower premium when you commit to drive within a specific mileage during the year. With this add-on, you will also get a complimentary MSIG microtag that connects to your smartphone to track your mileage and help you to call for roadside assistance when you need it.

  • Top-up reminder
    Pings you when you almost exceeded your Allocated Mileage
  • Safe Driving Alert
    Beeps a warning when you are texting while driving above 20km/h
  • eCall – Automatic accident detection & response
    Automatically sends crash details to an authorized call centre
  • bCall – Concierge Emergency
    Request 24-hour breakdown or emergency roadside assistance with one button

  • Automatic mileage recording via MSIG microtag
  • Pay As You Drive (PAYD) – View driven mileage, receive top-up reminder and safety assistance in the event of car breakdown or emergency.

Pay a lower premium on your motor comprehensive insurance based on a low anticipated mileage usage for the year.

There are 3 plans available for you to choose:

A 0 UP TO 5,000 KM
B 0 UP TO 10,000 KM
C 0 UP TO 15,000 KM

  • Cover for Windscreens, Windows and Sunroof
  • Separate Cover for Accessories fixed to Your Car
  • Gas Conversion Kit and Tank
  • Legal Liability to Passengers
  • Smart Key Shield (Non-Tariff)
  • 24-Hour Unlimited Towing Service (Non-Tariff)
  • Driver’s PA Cover (Non-Tariff) (applicable only to MSIG Private Car with
  • Driver’s PA Insurance Policy)
  • Driver’s Personal Accident (Non-Tariff)
  • Policyholder’s Personal Accident Cover (Non-Tariff)
  • Loss or Damage to Personal Belongings (Non-Tariff)
  • Transportation Allowance (Non-Tariff)
  • Limits of Liability for Third Party Property Damage (TPPD)
  • Current Year “NCD” Relief


Car Alarm

New generational Alarm solution introduced in 2014 – Fully ECE R116 & R10 Approved.

Supports peripheral options including:

  • Sirens – High powered/Back Up battery options
  • Interior protection sensor


PingDrive is an HD Digital Video Recorder which can capture excellent video detail on the road and journey ahead. It uses Micro SD card as the storage device, supports Wi-Fi connection and comes with a Mobile App to view and download videos.


  • HD Recording up to 1080P at 30FPS
  • Camera Function take HD photos during recording
  • Audio Sound Recording
  • Video Playback
  • Wi-Fi Connection to control DVR setting and review downloaded video
  • Emergency Automatic Video Locking
  • Parking Monitor

Parking Aid

Park Distance Control
1. Front & Rear warning signalling using bumper mounted ultrasonic sensors
2. Ultrasonic with rear camera integration (OE Development)

New generation parking sensor system introduced in 2015

  • New generation digital sensors developed and used in OE applications globally
  • Supports LIN 2.0 for full OE integration with BCU
  • Calibration programmed in the sensors with “Beam Shaping” for less detection errors
  • Two types of sensor mechanical design available (90° or 180° alternatives)
  • Two types of installation mounting methods available (Clip-on or Flush Mount types)
  • Multiple configurations:
    • 2 x Front or 2 x Rear
    • 4 x Front or 4 x Rear
  • Proven OEM Solution
  • Technology provides a low cost solution for localisation projects
  • Proven system with millions of sensors in the market globally as OEM supply

Wireless Charger

Triple Coil Embedded System

The “Triple coil embedded system” is a wireless charging module designed to be integrated in any surface. Using the provided adhesive mounting tape, it can be installed under slim surfaces (maximum 5 mm thickness). No need for screws:
The installation process is quick and easy, and the charger can be removed without damaging the top. The “Triple coil embedded system” is Qi certified and works with any Qi-certified device. A triple-coil system ensures high positioning freedom. Maximum power delivered is 10W


  • Certified with WPC Qi 1.2.4
  • Designed for integration: a completely hidden solution
  • Industrial adhesive mounting tape, no need for screws
  • Quick and practical installation process, easy charger removal without damaging the top
  • Maximum power 10W
  • Triple coil free positioning technology allows wider charging area compared to standard solutions
  • Designed to be installed under surfaces with maximum thickness of 5mm (0.19in)
  • Fixed frequency power transfer for the best compatibility with the vehicle environment
  • Compact design for easy embedding in the vehicle. The small PCB gives complete freedom and flexibility to the car interior designers

AXA SmartMiles

AXA SmarftDrive Safe

SOMPO MotorSafe

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