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Solarbox + ADR Windscreen

  • Patented algorithm for run and stop detection
  • Patented algorithm for Crash detection
  • bCall button Breakdown & Emergency assist
  • Multicolour LED
  • 6 Axis accelerometer & gyroscope for precise crash detection
  • Event recorder that records trips and send crash data on detection of a crash
  • Magnetic contact for USB recharge (total recharge time is within 4 hrs)

— Main Features

No wiring to the vehicle

Patented algorithm for Run & Stop detection

Up to 500,000 Tracking Points (256 Mb memory)

Large bCall pushbutton

Patented algorithm for crash detection

Programmable periodic wake-up

Internal battery with 2Ah, 4.8Wh, very low self discharge, high temperature resistant

400mW Solar panel for continuous internal battery charge



— Technical specifications

B1 Microtag

Microtag device for ADR, Distraction & back-up SOS

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What’s inside the package?

PA52WN magnetic cable (hover with description)

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