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Telematics Fleet Management

A module-platform to track location, driving behaviors,
patterns, and vehicle data.

Why Science Jet?

Science Jet offers unique mobility solutions with the following features.

Monitor and respond to any event in real-time, notifications, immobilisation commands

Customise the dashboard to monitor and respond to alerts

Define and display areas the unit/vehicle had travelled within a certain period

Track and trace with events within the defined areas and locations

Manage fuel via CAN bus, Fuel sensor & Smart fuel

Call and chat with driver without driver distraction

KPI computation based on speed, acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh braking

Can be linked to multiple drivers or single driver. Option for Driver ID Immobilisation – without the presence of driver ID, unit cannot be started

Detailed reconstruction of the accident 60s before and 10 seconds after impact – to ascertain cause of accident

Trip details, exception and usage in charts and graphs for easy analysis

Alerts and notification

Generate reports online or set scheduled reports for overview

– eCall Emergency Call system (automatic alert to SOC Voice/Data)
– Push notification, email
– Accident reconstruction report to ascertain cause of crash

– Send command to lock/unlock engine
– Send command to lock/unlock doors
– Send command to sound horn & flash lights

View your vehicle on the Web Platform
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Online Monitoring

  • Driving, total units/Vehicles
  • Company – Vehicles, score, idling, utilisation, speed violation, mileage
  • State – units parked, driving, idling, no ignition, no data

Groups search by group eg Go Car, Renault, PDI, Penang

Vehicles search by unit of vehicle from list

  • Model/Plate ignition on/off, battery, device battery, last report
  • Statistics mileage, trips, max speed, utilisation, trips, GPS, score
  • Details model, VIN, colour, engine type, hear, odometer, device detail
  • Map view & track online on Google map, traffic information
  • Trip review check all trips, fuel usage for the month, fuel charts, send remote

More Profile, notifications, app settings, help desk, Showroom

SOS Report vehicle theft, MERS 999

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