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Deliver An Interactive
Experience With CSE PingX

A web and app platform to monitor and track your fleet, which
includes trip reviews, geofence, chats and receiving of notifications.

Pingtag Fleet Management

A module-platform to track driving behaviours, patterns and vehicle data.

PingX > Web & App Platform

The best app for you to control your field operations and the management of your mobile workforce.

Online monitoring and real-time tracking.

Automatic vehicle location

Examine speed, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, and harsh braking.

Handle multiple drivers per vehicle.

Evaluate driving scores.

Based on hours, weekdays/weekends, day/night, and road type.

CAN, Fuel Sensor

Set alerts for where vehicles should not be driven in and out.

Show the vehicles’ most frequently travelled
areas for the month.

Show heat map of selected vehicle or group of
vehicles periodically.

Vehicle and trip data analysis.

Get service and insurance reminders.

Make the Right Connection With Your Fleet Connection
View Pingtag on the web platform. Login your user account right here.

PingX Turns Your Smartphone Into A GPS Device

Get the app today and enjoy the following features:

  • Online Monitoring
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Geofence Control
  • Trip Review
  • Statistics
  • Notifications

Stay in the know anytime and anywhere with our app right at your fingertips!
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