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Electronic Systems

CSE is a market leader in the automotive industry with their advanced Electronics Systems in anti-theft and parking assistance systems.

Product Benefits

CSE products comprise the technology of safety & security, and the sending,
receiving, and storing of information via telecommunication devices.

  • Alarm Systems
    Vehicle Alarm systems meeting UK Thatcham standards
  • Vehicle Immobilisers
    Engine Immobilisers meeting UK Thatcham standards
  • Sirens
    Magnetic & Piezo Alarm Sirens with back-up battery
  • Interior Protection
    Ultrasonic & Hyper frequency sensors
  • Specialist Security Solutions
    Anti-hijack system for Cash In Transit & High Value/Risk Load

Product Range

Explore CSE’s skills, expertise and technologies of our automotive solutions and the integration
of the marketing, sales and services of our vehicle industry players.

OEM Car Makers

We provide partnerships with vehicle manufacturers for device installation as part of the value added services towards their consumers.

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OE Car Dealers

We work closely with dealers to upsell their customers’ requests for a telematics device, to be chosen from a wide range of intelligent devices.

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