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We protect you and your loved ones on the road

CSE Connected Insurance is the first of its kind Usage Based Insurance(UBI), where users only pay when they are using their vehicle.
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Wha Is Usage Based Insurance?

UBI is a car insurance that better reflects your good driving skills.

UBI tracks your driving. The better you drive, the better your auto insurance rates.

UBI programmes measure:



Harsh Braking


Time of day you drive

You are given:

A Driving Score

Tips On How To Improve Your Score

Coverbox Products

Innovative products and solutions that reduce risk and optimise operational efficiency.
The first telematics motor insurance in Malaysia that rewards you with a discount for driving safely, and an accident alert that can help save valuable minutes when you need it the most.
An innovative comprehensive motor insurance plan with a wire-free self powered Microtag for immediate roadside assistance during breakdown or emergency.
A revolutionary telematics motor insurance plan for low mileage drivers, that promote safe driving behaviour by reducing driver distraction, with fast emergency and breakdown assistance.

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