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The T.42 telematics unit represents Meta System’s state-of-the-art, general-purpose solution, with a compact outline, specifically designed to fit in the passenger compartment and to connect with external peripherals. For this purpose the unit is equipped with a Bluetooth Dual Mode communication channel.

— Main Features

No wiring to the vehicle

3-wire harness: positive, ground and +15(key)

Up to 500,000 Tracking Points (256 Mbit memory)

Programmable periodic wake-up

Back-up battery

Built-in patented algorithm for run & stop detection

Built-in patented algorithm for crash detection

Accurate driver behaviour monitoring


Geo Fencing

— Technical specifications

  • CPU Cortex M4
  • GNSS receiver, with concurrent GPS/GLONASS reception – BEIDOU ready
  • Quad-band GSM-GPRS module, Class 10
  • Internal GPRS Antenna & GNSS antenna
  • Rechargeable battery 4.8V, 230mA/h NiMh
  • 6 axis internal Inertial Measurement Unit (Accelerometer + Gyroscope and motion engine) for orientation
  • 32Mbit Flash Memory (option up to 256Mbit)
  • eSim M2M
  • 2-color status LED
  • Bluetooth Dual Mode interface (OPT)
  • Weight 115gr
  • Operating Voltage 12/24 Vdc

SPD (Optional)

Microtag device for ADR, Distraction & back-up SOS

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Immobiliser B4 (Optional)

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What’s inside the package?

SPD (Optional)
Immobiliser B4 (optional)

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