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Solarbox + ADR Windscreen

  • Patented algorithm for run and stop detection
  • Patented algorithm for Crash detection
  • bCall button Breakdown & Emergency assist
  • Multicolour LED
  • 6 Axis accelerometer & gyroscope for precise crash detection
  • Event recorder that records trips and send crash data on detection of a crash
  • Magnetic contact for USB recharge (total recharge time is within 4 hrs)

— Main Features

No wiring to the vehicle

Internal battery with 2Ah, 4.8Wh, very low self discharge, high temperature resistant

Up to 500,000 Tracking Points (256 Mb memory)

400mW Solar panel for continuous internal battery charge

Large bCall pushbutton

Patented algorithm for Run & Stop detection

Patented algorithm for crash detection

Programmable periodic wake-up



— Technical specifications

  • CPU Cortex M4 120 MHz 150 MIPS 1Mbyte Flash
  • GNSS receiver (GLONASS, Concurrent GPS or Compass)
  • GSM/GPRS quad-band modem with Voice
  • Internal GPRS Antenna & GNSS antenna
  • Rechargeable battery – 2.4V, 2Ah, 85 degree C, low self-discharge
  • 3-axis internal Accelerometer (full scale 24g) for crash detection
  • 6-axis internal Inertial Measurement Unit (Accelerometer + Gyroscope + Motion Engine) for orientation
  • 32Mbit Flash Memory (option up to 256Mbit)
  • eSIM – M2M
  • bCall button with 3 RGB Status LEDs
  • Bluetooth LE interface (Optional)
  • Weight > 110gm
  • Operating Voltage (5-15) Vdc
  • IP 65 protection

B1 Microtag

Microtag device for ADR, Distraction & back-up SOS

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What’s inside the package?

PA52WN magnetic cable (hover with description)

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