Subaru Connex Terms & Conditions
Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) and Emergency (eCall) Services
  1. If vehicle is stolen, press “Call” button on your Connex mobile app. Tap “Report Car Theft” to speak to our Secure Operations Centre (SOC) Consultant. Upon verification, our SOC Consultant will then activate stolen vehicle tracking process on your vehicle.
  2. Alternatively, you may call 03-5888 0001 to reach us directly. SOC will be working with the Police to recover the stolen vehicle. We do not guarantee recovery as it is dependent on the sole discretion of the Police and many other factors.
  3. Our system is designed to perform periodical automatic health checks. In case of a health check failure alert or low battery alerts, you will receive a push/email notification. Upon receiving the push/email notification, you are required to call our SOC at +603 5888 0000 soonest possible to make arrangements for your vehicle to be checked as soon as possible. Any delays to troubleshoot the units may affect the provision of SVR and/or eCall services.
  4. In case of automatic theft alerts generated from the telematics device in your vehicle (e.g. device sabotage or battery disconnect), you will be alerted via push/email notification. Please check if your vehicle is safe with the Connex app. Tap “Report Car Theft” and speak to our SOC if your vehicle is stolen.
  5. Emergency Call (eCall) service is provided through MERS 999. The service level is dependent on MERS 999 and the availability of the ambulance service from the nearest hospital to the accident site.
VIP Assist

VIP Assist is applicable to both auto/manual eCall and bCall services. The terms and conditions are as follow:

Unlimited Towing
In the event of flood, breakdown or accident, we will arrange for towing services to any authorised Subaru service centre (within Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak respectively). However, towing charges will apply if towed to a non authorised Subaru outlet.
Unlimited Mileage
On-Site Repairs
Battery jump start/replacement, tyre replacement or fuel delivery (Fee is only for labour. Parts including fuel if required will be borne by subscriber).
Up to RM300 per incident
Transport Reimbursement

In the unfortunate event of an accident and your vehicle is getting the repairs done at an authorised Subaru outlet, Subaru Connex service provider will bear the cost of alternative transport during the repair period.

A daily sub-limit of RM200 and RM1,000 per event applies.

  1. To initiate claims, please call our SOC at 03-5888 0000 for assistance and guidance.
  2. Claims must be made within 2 months from the incident date. Alternative transport includes e-hailing, car-sharing, car rental or taxi.
Up to RM2,000 per subscription year


  1. In the event when towing service is required, the road condition to the vehicle location must be accessible.
  2. Towing service will not be available when vehicle is on a road that is not a gazetted road.
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