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eCall Emergency Call System
– ready when you need it

Enjoy added convenience and peace of mind with Subaru Connex. When Subaru Connex detects a crash, it automatically alerts our 24/7 control room for quick emergency response. Think of it as a priceless lifeline in emergencies. In case of theft, Subaru Connex also helps the police recover your vehicle.


Subaru Connex eCall Voicebox

eCall Emergency Call System

Automatic accident alert & response

In case of an accident, your Subaru will call our 24/7 Call centre {SOC) and provide details of the event - location of the vehicle, severity of the impact and crash speed, and necessary information.

  • Our SOC advisor will respond promptly via the Voicebox in your Subaru if emergency assistance is required.
  • If there is no response from the driver or occupants via the in-car voice box and the on-board system measures a high severity impact, SOC will then call MERS 999 to request for an Ambulance at the accident site.

Enhanced roadside assistance (bCall)

In case of a breakdown (e.g. minor accident, flat vehicle battery, tyre puncture etc.), press the bCall button (breakdown call) to talk to Subaru's Roadside Assist who will then send the necessary help to the vehicle's location.

Enhanced emergency assistance (SOS)

In case of a medical emergency (e.g. a heart attack, or if you witnessed an accident and someone needs help), press the SOS button to talk to our SOC to request for medical assistance.

Our SOC will contact MERS 999 to send the nearest ambulance to the vehicle's location as soon as possible.

VIP Assist

For Ultimate Confidence, Care & Convenience, VIP Assist is offered exclusively for Subaru Connex customers via the bCall button, which include:

  • Unlimited towing to a preferred authorised Subaru workshop, in case of flood, breakdown or accident.
  • FREE labour charge for on-site repair service (up to RM300 per incident).
  • Transport reimbursement in case of accident repair up to RM2,000* (when repaired at authorised Subaru workshop). *Terms & Conditions apply.

Mobile App

Service profile
Account, User, Vehicle
Smart Alarm
Set up Smart alarm where your vehicle should not be driven. If the ignition is switched ON or vehicle is towed, you will be alerted (push notification and email)
Car Status
Check vehicle battery voltage, device battery voltage, ignition ON or OFF, driving or parked
Vehicle battery low alert
If the battery voltage is low, you will be alerted (push notification and email)
Phone button
For SOS, bCall, report theft and customer service
Speed Alert Set-up
Set a speed limit for your vehicle and receive an alert if the vehicle exceeds it (push notification and email)
Service & maintenance reminder
Set service due reminder and select service centre
Add Cars
Access all cars fitted with Subaru Connex with the same app
Real Time Tracking
If the vehicle is driven when it should not be, you can track it in real-time (Google Maps with real-time traffic information)
Automatic vehicle location
Last parked address
Driving Score
Individual driver profiling and scoring on how your Subaru is driven
Trip Review
Check your previous trips and drive rating. Unwanted trips can be deleted
Alerts and events reminder - e.g. service reminder from branch service centre (push notification and email)

Stolen vehicle recovery

Your Subaru has been stolen

Press "Call" button on the mobile app

Tap "Report Car Theft" with SOC

After verification, SOC activates "Stolen vehicle recovery"

SOC will liaise with the Police for Recovery


To access Connex services, download "My Connex" mobile app from App Store or Google Play.

Open "My Connex" app and sign in by entering your Login and Password.

*Login and password are sent to you via SMS and email upon activation of your Subaru Connex system.

AXA FlexiDrive motor insurance
Your Subaru Connex is ready for AXA FlexiDrive motor insurance at no additional premium!
1 - Earn up to 20% safe driving discount
2 - AXA FlexiDrive app to check discounts earned and to collect discounts into your bank account
3 - Up to RM2,000 accident transport allowance (only valid with Subaru Connex). *Terms and Conditions apply

Disclaimer: All service fees are inclusive of 6% service tax. All features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions in the Subaru Connex user manual.

SUBARU CONNEX with Voice and Data SIM

Recommended Retail Price


Renewal Fee

RM30/month (available from Q2 2022) or
RM360/year (2nd year onwards)

Disclaimer: Service fee is subject to 6% service tax. All features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions in the Subaru Connex user manual.