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MSIG Usage-Based Motor Insurance Pilot for Singapore

Come March this year, MSIG Insurance will embark on a UBI pilot study targeted at the local consumers’ market. The 6-month pilot study will test the feasibility of using telematics in Singapore, representing MSIG’s partnership with the automotive technology supplier, the CSE Group.

During this pilot study, a small telematics device will be installed in the driver’s vehicle. This device helps to record and transmit driving data. Through a smartphone app, the driver will be able to access his data and through Interactive Connected Car Services check the car ignition and battery status as well as vehicle location.

“Customers today are ever more connected and tech-savvy. In this era of big data, the Internet of Things, people are used to getting real-time information and insights to other aspects of their lives, so why not when it comes to driving.” said Jeremy Lian, Senior Vice President of Technical Services, MSIG Singapore.

MSIG is currently recruiting participants to take part in the pilot study. The company is seeking active drivers who are smartphone users and are willing to have an in-vehicle telematics device installed. The installation only takes a few minutes and can be done at any location including their office or home.

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