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Motorimage Metasat connected car system now available for Subaru vehicles
Posted by Ernest33 | Jul 19, 2016 | Auto, Auto Events / News Briefs |

Motorimage Metasat, a new revolutionary connected car system for your absolute peace of mind – your Subaru Connected, wherever you are. No fear. For Sure.

The MotorImage Metasat offers one of the best-valued Connected Car packages for Safety, Security and Smart lifestyle services in the industry.

It has three core attributes which relate to Safety, Security and Smart Lifestyle Services. In efforts to enhance safety in Subaru vehicles, the feature provides automatic crash alert and response. In the event of an accident of 3.5G (normal airbag deployment is from 4G onwards), a crash alert and vehicle location is sent to the CSE Service Operating Centre (SOC) within 10 seconds. Upon alert, the SOC will contact the owner and if there is no response, they will immediately alert MERS 999 (Malaysian Emergency Response Service) or 112 and direct Medical and Police assistance to the vehicle’s EXACT location as fast as possible. Saving time to save lives.

In an event of a non-crash, pressing the Remote Tag button (whist in the car) or SOC button on Mobile app will send a request with your vehicle’s EXACT location to the SOC for Call Back. Should Roadside Assistance be needed, the SOC will relay the vehicle’s EXACT location to your service providers.

To keep things in check of the Metasat device, a Safety Alert will be sent to the owner if the car battery, Remote Tag or Metasat device back up is low or if the system fails to respond during a routine check.

The next feature of the Motorimage Metasat is the enhanced security with stolen vehicle recovery. The feature with Theft Alert offers greater peace of mind for owners in the event of car theft. Once the alert has been triggered, the SOC will alert local authorities for vehicle recovery as soon as possible. Additionally, Motorimage Metasat offers an exclusive compensation payment to cover the related costs associated with car theft. If the vehicle is recovered within 72 hours, the owner will be compensated towards the cost of repair for any damage to the car caused by theft, up to RM 5,000. However, if the car isn’t recovered within 72 hours, the owner will be compensated with credit towards the purchase of a new vehicle at any Subaru branch or authorised dealership, up to RM15,000.

The third feature of the MotorImage Metasat is the Smart Lifestyle – Mobile app for smart connectivity with Driving Score feature. Your Driving score monitors how you drive and is calculated based on how you brake, take corners and accelerate, speed, driver fatigue and others. All trips and events such as harsh braking, cornering, speeding, acceleration, etc. which can be reviewed and analysed on your mobile app. With this feature, you will be able to know how SAFE a driver you are and possibly benefit from a Usage Based Insurance product once Motor Insurance Tariff is deregulated, foreseen to be in mid 2017. That is not all, with this app, you can also check your car battery status, trip details, service reminders, speed limits, geofence, point of interests, track your car at border crossing and many more.

The mobile app can be downloaded in any IOS, Android and Windows smartphones.

Subaru customer receives a one-year FREE subscription with the purchase of a new SUBARU FORESTER 2.0i-P (Safety, Security, Smart Lifestyle and Compensation Guarantee are included as standard).