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Digi announces IoT partnership with CSE to help manage vehicle fleets

(L-R) Manuel Baldissera, Group Head of Telematics, CSE and Praveen Rajan, Digi’s Chief Digital Officer
announcing the IoT partnership to help manage vehicle fleets more effectively

If you thought Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) has nothing to do with automotive businesses, well, Digi has announced today that they are in a strategic partnership with CSE Group (CSE). It's not that they're going to manufacture a car or something, but rather delivering a wide range of automotive and insurance telematics solutions including a comprehensive fleet management system to help businesses handle their vehicles more effectively, with easy, real-time access to diagnostic information on their smartphones.

In conjunction of Digi's Internet of Things (IoT) mission, Praveen Rajan, Digi’s Chief Digital Officer said, “The internet and mobile connectivity has played an important role in changing the way businesses operate, and we want to help enterprises take the next step in connecting and managing more than their workforce, to include vehicles, machines, and other assets.

While mobile fleet management solutions have existed for some time now, our aim is to make it easy and affordable, a plug-and-use solution with very little startup cost, so all enterprises, big or small, can benefit from it. This is one of the many ways we will support Malaysian enterprises to digitise their businesses with our upcoming suite of IoT solutions."

IoT is a key focus area for us in the next year, with fleet management being one of the main verticals we will play in as we build our portfolio to include payments, utilities, health and more by pairing with established telematics players such as CSE.”

The partnership with CSE will cover various areas, such as fleet management, insurance and the connected vehicles space, and will see the launch of an asset tracking and mobile connectivity packaged solution in the first quarter of 2017. The plug-and-use solution is said to offer the best value while maintaining a rich set of features to track and manage your fleet with access to real-time vehicle data via a smartphone app and web.

Aside from helping enterprises drive cost efficiencies by using the information to better manage mileage, this will also reduce incidents by promoting good driving behavior, reduce risk of theft and potentially qualify for benefits from CSE’s insurance telematics partners in a view of the upcoming motor insurance liberalisation.

“This relationship with Digi presents a solid opportunity for CSE to significantly expand our Telematics services to both the corporate and consumer space. The first of the many Telematics initiatives will consist in the launch of a unique Telematics fleet solution that will benefit more vehicle fleet owners who want to get the best out of their assets in terms of flexibility, efficiency and security while promoting safe driving habits, and potentially obtain advantages from our insurance telematics partners in the future.

We believe our combined capabilities, Digi’s consistent 4G+ network connectivity and our telematics expertise in both automotive, fleet and insurance industries, provides a compelling solution enterprises should consider taking advantage of,” said Manuel Baldissera, Group Head of Telematics, CSE.

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