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Alert Upgrade

As part of our product improvement process, we are changing the way in which some alerts operate on your CSE Connex system. This change affects two types of alerts and will only affect customers who have these alerts connected with their system.

The two alert types:

  1. Intrusion Alert (Sends alarm triggered alert if the car alarm is triggered) and
  2. Ignition Alert without ADR Card present (Sends alert when the car is started without the ADR Card detected).

Both alerts can cause frequent false alarm cases to our SOC and the inconvenience of customers having to validate repeated false alerts.

Once the change has been activated to your device, the Intrusion and ADR Alerts will operate as follows:

  1. Intrusion Alert (If your alarm is connected to the Connex system) -€“ Intrusion Alert sent to customer only (not to SOC) by SMS if the car alarm is triggered. When you receive the alert, you should check that your car is safe. If your car has been stolen, you should immediately call the SOC who will activate the theft recovery procedure.
  2. Ignition On without ADR Detected Alert (If your Connex system has ADR Card fitted) - If your car is started without the ADR Card being detected, an alert will be sent to you only (Not to the SOC) by SMS. A second alert will be generated IF the car moves location without the ADR Card being detected, and this alert will be sent to you by SMS AND to the SOC who will call you to verify if your car is safe.

This change will be carried out between 2nd March 2015 and 20th March 2015.

If you have any queries regarding this upgrade, please call the SOC on 03-8995 0000.

Kindest regards,
CSE Telematics Sdn Bhd