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Security and fleet management as single telematics solution

Cobra Link, which combines security and fleet management as one single telematics solution, was launched successfully at the Malaysia International Bus, Truck and Components (MIBTC) Exhibition 2013 from June 13-15.

Besides commercial vehicle manufacturers, distributors and dealers, the majority of fleet owners and operators felt that these two features were crucial in dealing with the rise of vehicle theft and cargo in addition to fleet management issues.

CSE Telematics Sdn Bhd senior managers for business development Mr Ooi Lay Beng and Mr Manuel Baldissera said Cobra had vast experience in providing vehicle security solutions to the automotive industry including anti-theft products like alarms, immobilisers, anti-hijack and stolen vehicle recovery (SVR).

For security, Cobra Link can rely on its proven Cobra 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) to manage real-time theft alerts and manage the recovery response that includes real-time theft tracking and coordination with the Police for vehicle recovery.

At the moment, the Cobra SOC has been appointed by several major vehicle manufacturers to provide SVR services.

Cobra Link can offer several security features and functions including engine immobilisation, theft dissuasion (including the activation of horn and blinkers), panic button, anti-hijack response, securement of cargo doors and load.

The system has a host of functions - including real-time tracking, extensive reports, trip replay, full day journey view, alerting, fuel monitoring, events and vehicle dispatcher – to help companies manage their fleet effectively and efficiently. Cobra Link can offer other options as well including distribution and planning, accident reconstruction and driver management.