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eCall - Emergency Call System

Microtag is a wire-free, self-powered device paired with an intelligent app to automatically detect a crash and send alert for FAST emergency response services. In an accident, every second counts.

Time Saved = Lives Saved

Microtag eCall App

(Download My Connex App from App Store or Google Play Store)

  1. ADR - Bluetooth pairing with Microtag for Automatic Driver Recognition.
  2. Add drivers* - Add as many drivers for eCall and bCall ADR services.
  3. Add cars - Use the same app to pair with different Microtag on different cars.
  4. Locate car - Locate the last paired location between the app and Microtag e.g. your last parked location.
  5. Trip Review - Review previous trips with driving score based on phone distraction & driving style e.g. speeding, harsh braking and cornering.
  6. Microtag low battery alert - in case the battery is low, you will receive a notification to replace the battery.
  7. Incident reports* - View accident report online to help you make a police report in case of accident and check online the number of roadside assistance rendered.

*These features are not available in added drivers app