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Your new Hyundai is now equipped with HYUNDAI TELEMATICS

An advanced telematics solution that provides 24Hrs Protection with Safety & Security+ Connectivity features. Your package includes 1 year service from the date of your first service activation.
To begin your journey, just follow these 2 simple steps...
  • Your dealer will pre-register and complete the online registration form for you.
  • During the handover, your Sales Consultant will perform a demonstration on the system.
  • To request for an emergency call, touch the SOS panel and hold for 3 seconds followed by a beep to initiate a call to 24Hrs Secure Operations Centre (SOC).
  • Upon registration by your dealer, you will receive an SMS with your username an password.
  • Download My Connex mobile app from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • login to My Connex mobile app using the username and password sent to you via SMS.


How It Works

eCall - Automatic accident detection

In an event of an accident and speed> S0km/hr

  • Car automatically calls and sends MSD* to SOC. Our operator will talk to you and will request for emergency services accordingly.
  • If no response, operator will check the system. If the vehicle is stationary after the accident, operator will call MERS 999 to send emergency services as fast as possible.
* MSD (Minimum set of data) - Calling Line Identification (CLI) number, Location, direction, time & speed.

Manual eCall - Emergency and breakdown assistance

  • Touch and hold the SOS panel for 3 seconds followed by a beep to make a call to SOC.
  • Operator answers call and will contact MERS 999 or roadside assist provider to provide necessary services.

Emergency response services:

  • Ambulance
  • Police
  • Fire Brigade

Breakdown services:

  • Repair on the spot services: Battery jump start/replacement, Tyre replacement, Fuel delivery.
  • Unlimited towing to preferred Hyundai workshop.


  • Device must have access to GSM network.
  • By touching and holding the SOS panel, HYUNDAI TELEMATICS will automatically connect to the SOC. This action will simultaneously send location information to our SOC to request for emergency or breakdown services.
  • If no connection can be made to the SOC, please use your mobile phone to call +603 5888 0001 to request for emergency services.

Service Assist

SOC will provide concierge service to make scheduled service & maintenance appointment for the customer.

  • Customer's car service is due (based on GPS mileage or time).
  • Alert sent to SOC. Push notification & email to customer.
  • SOC will call customer to make appointment with the service centre of customer's choice
  • SOC will call to advise customer once the service appointment is completed.

Mobile App - Connected security app

  • Tracking - find my car
  • Trip review
  • Statistics
  • Driving style
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Alerts - Smart alarm, Speed
  • Notification - Automatic eCall, Start & end trip, Service Assist, Car battery sabotage, Car battery low, Health check
  • Remote command - Engine block, Door lock, Car finder
  • Silence mode
  • Call button

Stolen Vehicle Tracking service

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen, you may call our SOC via the mobile app 'Call button' to report theft and initiate Stolen Vehicle Tracking service.

  • Upon verification, SOC activates the recovery procedure.
  • SOC shares the vehicle location with the Police.
  • Recovery of the vehicle by the Police.

Alternatively, you may use your mobile phone to call +603 5888 0001 (SOC).

VIP Assist

  • Unlimited towing in case of flood, breakdown or accident to customer's preferred authorised Hyundai workshop.
  • Repair on the spot service up to RM 300*.
  • Transport reimbursement in case of accident repair up to RM 2,000*.

*Terms & Conditons Apply (refer to user manual).

Contact Info

SOS / Emergency Call / Stolen Vehicle Tracking +603 5888 0001

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Customer Service +603 5888 0000