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Connex Track
A neat telematics system with these useful Security Features:

Automatic Accident Alert

  • Accident exceeds 2G severity
  • Connex Track automatically sends Crash Alert Data (location+ severity) to CSE SOC
  • Accident is serious!
    SOC calls MERS 999 to get the Ambulance and Police to your location
  • Accident is not serious
    SOC calls your registered mobile number to check if assistance is required.

Recover a Stolen Vehicle

  • A thief stole my car!
    Tap the "Call" button on your Mobile App to declare theft with CSE SOC
  • SOC tracks the stolen vehicle
  • SOC contacts the Police to recover your stolen vehicle

Connex Mobile App (standard)

  • Tracking, Smart Alarm, Speed Alert, Service Reminder, Driving Score, Trip Review

Science Jet Fleet Management (optional)

  • Fleet Tracking, Scoring, Statistics, Analytics, Reports


We offer accident transport allowance of RM2,000 if insured with AXA SmartDrive Safe via CoverBox.

Microtag eCall (optional)

Enhanced Roadside Assistance - In case of an emergency (for example accident or vehicle breakdown), press the Microtag eCall button. Your actual location and smartphone number will be sent to our SOC who will call to verify if Emergency or Recovery vehicle is required.