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Connex Secure
Incorporates ALL Connex Track features with added benefits:

Automatic driver recognition (ADR)

Vehicle is driven without a driver tag?

  • You get alerted via push notification/email
  • SOC will call your registered number to assist

ON/OFF Smart Alarm

You get alerted via push notification & email if

  • your ignition turns ON; or
  • your vehicle gets towed

REMEMBER - press the driver tag button to set Smart Alarm ON

Wire-free anti-theft device

  • a reliable back-up to recover your stolen vehicle if someone sabotages your main Connex device (The device is self-powered)


We offer theft compensation of RM6,000 if stolen vehicle cannot be recovered within 14 days and accident transport allowance of RM2,000 if insured with AXA SmartDrive Safe via CoverBox.

Microtag eCall (optional)

Enhanced Roadside Assistance - In case of an emergency (for example accident or vehicle breakdown), press the Microtag eCall button. Your actual location and smartphone number will be sent to our SOC who will call to verify if Emergency or Recovery vehicle is required.