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Advanced Safety, Security & Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Connex Mercedes is an advanced vehicle telematics security system that provides Safety, Security & Stolen Vehicle Recovery which includes a 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) service that gives you peace of mind, wherever your journey takes you.

Key Features


Automatic Crash Alert & Response

In the event of an accident, crash data will automatically be sent to CSE Secure Operating Centre (SOC) who will perform a call back to the registered mobile number. If the call is unanswered and the severity is >1.0 using Injury Severity Prediction, CSE SOC will liaise with MERS 999 to dispatch emergency response services as soon as possible.

If the accident is not serious but towing service is required, CSE SOC will liaise with roadside assist provider for assistance.

SOS on the Mobile App

Tap SOS on the mobile app for:

  • Emergency Call
    (MERS 999 - Police, Ambulance, BOMBA)
  • CSE SOC (To declare theft)
  • CSE Customer Service

Car Battery Low Alert

If the car battery voltage is low, alerts are sent (Push, Email).

Accident Compensation

In case of accident, you can claim up to RM3,000 towards your transportation cost.


Automatic Driver Recognition with Driver Tag

If your car is driven without the tag, alerts are sent (SMS, Push, Email). If car is stolen, tap SOS on mobile app to declare theft with CSE SOC.

Device Sabotage

If the main telematics device has been sabotaged, alerts are sent (SMS, Push, Email) and you will receive a voice call from CSE SOC.

Secure Mode Car Alarm

Push the Driver Tag button to set Secure mode. You can also set it with your mobile app.

If your car ignition is switched ON, or the Driver Tag button is pushed again, you will receive Secure mode alerts (Push, Email).

Check if your car is safe.

Car Theft Compensation (NCD Protector)

In the case of Stolen Vehicle Recovery, you can claim up to RM5,000 towards car repair cost damaged by the theft.

In the case of non-recovery, you will be paid RM10,000 cash and RM20,000 towards the purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz from any Cycle & Carriage Autohaus.

Self-Powered Device (SPD)

In the event of car theft, the main telematics device and SPD will be used for recovery.

DriveJet Mobile App

With an in-depth view of your vehicle in the palm of your hands, you are able to view:


Car Status

Car service alert
Set your vehicle service due alert by mileage or date.

Car battery low alert
Receive an alert on your mobile app when your car battery is low.

Device low battery alert
Receive an alert on your mobile app when your device battery is low.

Car ignition status.

Car battery status

Device battery status


Smart Track Security

Driving score
Check monthly and total driving score based on speeding, acceleration, braking & cornering. Check if ignition in ON/OFF and last parked location.

Secure mode (virtual car alarm)
Push the driver tag button to set Secure mode. You can also set it with your mobile app. If your vehicle is started with Secure mode activated, you will receive a theft alert (Push, Email). Declare a theft from the SOS button on your mobile app for our SOC to liaise with the Police for vehicle theft recovery.

Set Speed alert
You can set speed limit to receive alerts when your vehicle’s speed is exceeded.

Set Geofence alert
Set a zone to receive alerts each time your vehicle enters and exits the zone.

Locate car & Real-time tracking
Locate vehicle on Google Maps (satellite & street view). Check whether your vehicle is driving or parked, real-time traffic condition and location of your smartphone with location of your vehicle.

Trip review
Check your previous trips and your drive rating. Unwanted trips can be deleted.

SOS button (emergency services, declare a theft, customer service).



In the case of an accident, compensation towards transportation cost.


If stolen car is recovered within 3 days, compensation towards vehicle repair cost

If stolen car is NOT recovered within 3 days:

1. RM10,000 Cash

2. RM20,000 Credit towards the purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz from any Authorised Cycle & Carriage Autohaus

*All features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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