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Automotive Electronics

CSE Automotive's Hardware Research & Development division is responsible for the design, development and manufacture of all of our electronic systems. We have been an OEM supplier since 1987, originally providing remote control alarms and central locking systems for all locally assembled Toyota and Honda cars. Since then we have supplied many electronic devices to several other major car manufacturers, including Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Perodua.

Our offerings can be grouped as follows:

In our vehicle security product line, we have 5 main core products :-


Alarm Systems

Vehicle Alarm systems meeting UK Thatcham standards


Vehicle Immobilisers

Engine Immobilisers meeting UK Thatcham standards



Magnetic & Piezo Alarm Sirens with back-up battery


Interior Protection

Ultrasonic & Hyper frequency sensors


Specialist Security Solutions

Anti-hijack system for Cash In Transit & High Value/Risk Load

Our new generation Alarm solution was introduced in 2014 and is fully ECE R116 & R10 approved. It has been one of our most popular products as it provides a high-functionality, low-cost alarm solution for car manufacturers that seamlessly integrates with their existing remote control and smart entry systems.


  • High-functionality, low-cost
  • CAN and PLIP integration support
  • Support peripheral options
    • High powered and battery backup sirens
    • Ultrasonic or high frequency modules

Proven solution as OEM supply:

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CSE Automotive has been supplying Parking Aid systems since 2001 through our partners in Europe who have been designing and developing these type of systems since 1997. Over the years since they have partnered with most of the major manufacturers to develop an OEM standard product which we now offer to all of our local partners. In 2015 we introduced a new generation of parking aid system.


  • New generation digital sensors developed and used in OE applications globally
  • Meets ECE, R10 7 MALSO standards
  • Supports LIN 2.0 for full OE integration with BCU, or
  • Calibration programmed in the sensors with “Beam Shaping” for less detection errors
  • Two types of sensor mechanical design available (90º or 180º alternatives)
  • Two types of installation mounting methods available (Clip-on or Flush Mount types)
  • Multiple configurations:-
    • 2 x Front or 2 x Rear
    • 4 x Front or 4 x Rear
  • Technology provides a low cost solution for localisation projects

Proven system with millions of sensors in the market globally as OEM supply:

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