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The introduction of the remote control car alarm changed the way drivers interacted with their vehicles. That took place 30 years ago. CSE was at the forefront then; introducing this industry-transforming technology to Asia. Today, the CSE Group continues to provide market-leading original equipment (OE) products and services to the automotive, fleet and insurance sectors.

Today, this vision has taken on a grander, wider scale. CSE is now working with our partners – including internationally established technology companies, insurance companies, telecommunication giants, automotive manufacturers and assemblers – to tap these opportunities that come with the surging waves of technology advancements, global shifts, industrial and business developments taking place in the 21st century.

To face this challenge, CSE itself has transformed. It is no longer represented by a single company - CSE Automotive Technologies. Today, CSE is a group also made up of CSE Telematics, Cobra Auto, CSE Singapore, CSE Regional TSPs and CSE Science Jet. CSE has invested and put ourselves in a position where we are now able to address and cater for the design and development of telematics platforms and technologies; in terms of both hardware integration and software applications.

Telematics is the new frontier. Presently, it encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications) and computer science (multimedia, Internet). Tomorrow, the horizons of telematics might stretch further; beyond that.

But we stand ready to face change. The CSE Group now has the resources required -- hardware, software, data centre, 24/7 Secure Operating Centre, installation, field services and support – to take on telematics projects spanning across various industries, technologies and sectors. With these resources, CSE is now able to work with insurance companies to take advantage of the de-tariffed auto insurance environment, collaborate with telco to launch a new intelligent fleet management solution and continue our partnerships with automakers.

We would like to share this vision and work with our partners to make the world a safer, better place to live in; especially on the road, where many lives are lost. Telematics can be used to make a difference to society. To us, this has always been an idea worth spreading, worth aspiring to and always worth working towards.

CSE Automotive Technologies
Responsible for the hardware research and development of the group as well as the manufacture of the electronic systems that we supply to our OEM clients, including anti-theft, Parking Distance Control, security & telematics devices.

CSE Telematics
Responsible for the telematics research & development, our data centre, our 24x7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC), and delivering all our telematics services.

Science Jet
Responsible for the design and development of telematic platforms and technologies for automotive, insurance, telco and fleet industries. We also provide hardware integration and software application development to support our various businesses and products.

CoverBox, part of the CSE Group, is a specialist telematics insurance agent. We offer insurance related telematics products from our panel insurers to enable you to enjoy discounts, safety and security features that are embedded into the respective products.

Cobra Auto
This is CSE Group's Retail arm for the after-market business. Responsible for the distribution of our products, as well as installation and field support services.

CSE Singapore
This is our subsidiary company in Singapore and is responsible for the marketing & sales of CSE Telematics systems as well as providing installation and field support services.


A Complete Supply Chain

Something that appeals to many of our customers is the fact that from our group of companies we can offer them one point of contact for a complete Connected Car, Fleet Telematics, or Insurance Telematics solution by providing the complete supply chain of all required components.


CSE Group is assessed by an independent auditor to validate alignment with various management and security ISO Standards:

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CSE Group is also compliant to the Environmental Quality Act 1974, Environmental Quality Scheduled Waste Regulation 2005 and GSR.

For three decades, CSE has been at the forefront in advancing Communications and Security Electronics technologies in the automotive industry. It is from these sectors where our acronym – CSE – was first derived and how the company took shape. Today, CSE has become our brand covering a diverse range of products.

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    CSE Group, formerly known as Cobra Malaysia started in 1985, located in a small shop at Taman Tun when CSE was the first company to introduce remote control car alarm system technologies in Asia. As a pioneer, it took hard work, belief and time to convince the industry to accept it.

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    It took two years, in fact, to convince Toyota and Honda in Malaysia to standard fit all their CKD (complete knocked down) cars with our remote control car alarm and central locking system.
    These breakthroughs became
    CSE’s first Original Equipment (OE) supply contracts.

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    In 1995, after continuously meeting the stringent industry demands, tests and audits, CSE achieved the preferred Tier 1 automotive supplier status to major car makers for theft-deterrent security systems.

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    In 1996, CSE also established technology partnerships with the Meta System Group in Italy and Fujitsu Ten Japan for OE business including parking aid systems, in-car entertainment and automotive electronic systems.

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    To enter the emerging telematics industry, CSE Telematics was established in 2002 to set up our own telematics data centre and a Secure Operating Centre (SOC) comprising of a Control Room and Call Centre. The Control Room operates 24/7 to provide theft alert management and stolen vehicle recovery services. The Call Centre provides service activation and customer support services six days a week.

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    CSE's Electronic Research & Design team together with Science Jet lead the design, development and manufacturing of telematics technologies for the automotive, fleet and insurance industries. The products - including hardware devices and software applications for telematics security, Connected Car, Connected Fleet and insurance telematics systems ready for Usage-Based insurance (UBI) – are all developed in-house.

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    The challenges exacted by the nature of the automotive industry – of constant advancements, improvements and innovation – can be inspiring and demanding at the same time. However, all our past developments and achievements have placed CSE in an excellent position to provide new, high-impact industry solutions for tomorrow. This brings us to the second part of our journey that we hope to travel with you – Our Vision.

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    CSE Automotive Technologies, a CSE (Communications & Security Electronics) Group company, was founded in1985 in Kuala Lumpur to establish a research, development and manufacturing centre for remote control car alarm systems.

    With an exclusive technology collaboration with Cobra Automotive Group Italy (Vodafone Automotive in 2015), CSE Automotive were the pioneers and the first to introduce remote control car alarm system technologies in Asia.

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    CSE Automotive secured its first OE (Original Equipment) supply contract in Malaysia with UMW Toyota Motor and Kah Motor Honda. All Toyota and Honda CKD (complete knocked down) cars assembled at the Malaysia assembly plants were fitted with our remote control car alarm and central locking system as standard equipment.

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    CSE Automotive has become the preferred Tier 1 automotive supplier to most of the major car makers for theft-deterrent security systems.

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    CSE Automotive secured technology partnerships with the Meta System Group in Italy and Fujitsu Ten Japan. These partnerships expanded our OE business to include parking aid systems, in-car entertainment and automotive electronic systems.

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    CSE cemented its entry into the emerging telematics industry by establishing CSE Telematics. This dedicated telematics operation has a regional telematics data centre infrastructure with 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) operations for theft management and stolen vehicle recovery services.

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    CSE Meta was incorporated to lead the design, development and manufacturing of Telematics technologies for the automotive, fleet and insurance industries.

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    CSE launched the first OES new car option Telematics Vehicle Security system in conjunction with Honda and available for all Honda models.

    In the same year, CSE's Telematics product offerings were again expanded with the launch of the Telematics fleet management system for commercial vehicles and fleet business, Minorplanet.

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    CSE Telematics entered into an OE partnership with Scope Technologies South Africa to provide professional fleet Telematics solutions under our own CSE Cobralink brand.

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    CSE Group partners with Sompo Singapore to provide Fleet Telematics Insurance products to the Singapore market.

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    CSE Automotive teams up with MotorImage to provide OE "Connected Car" system for the new 2016 Subaru Forester.

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    CSE Group partners with AXA Affin General Insurance to provide a complete end-to-end motor insurance solutions and the first Bank Negara approved Usage Based Insurance (UBI) product to the Malaysian market.

  • 2017

    CSE Group forms a partnership with Digi Telemcommunications to provide IoT Solutions targetted to consumers and business owners, starting with iFleet, a UBI-enabled Fleet Management software.

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    CSE Telematics launches a new Usage Based Insurance (UBI) ready Telematics product called CSE MetaTrak.

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    Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia launches a unique Telematics product called Mitsubishi Connected that keeps you connected with your vehicle from your mobile phone.

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    Partnership with JBSI (Philippines) to provide connected vehicle solutions starting with VTEL, an UBI-enabled connected car system.

  • 2018

    UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc. (Philippines) launches UCPB GEN Blackbox, the latest innovative telematics motor insurance that comes with a security device powered by VTEL.

The introduction of the remote control car alarm changed the way drivers interacted with their vehicles. That took place 36 years ago. CSE was at the forefront then; introducing this industry-transforming technology to Asia. Today, the CSE Group continues to provide market-leading original equipment (OE) products and services to the automotive, fleet and insurance sectors. Our aim is to provide solutions and peace of mind to meet the ever evolving security and safety needs.

We are certified with ISO TS16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 and lately ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and poised for business expansion. We seek dynamic individuals to take on exciting challenges and join us to forge ahead with us. If you are a team-player, committed with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude, initiative, innovative and passionate, we like to hear from you!
Developer / Programmer
Job Function
  1. Develop and maintain independently Telematics and Insurance applications to support CSE’s existing Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Insurance and Fleet Management platforms, by using PHP/Java and other programming languages/scripting to various SQL servers. The data exchange between applications and existing Telematics system will be obtained using variety of web services or other related APIs.
  2. Developer must be able to work out and deploy application design independently and are able to visualize and document the project as a whole, while having proper documenting methods or flows for the project.
  3. The position also requires the developer to be able to develop and maintain applications using different programming languages/scripts, e.g. Javascript, Python, PHP, Bash etc as there will be other development projects deployed in other languages/scripting.
  4. There is also the need to troubleshoot and examine codes that contains abnormality and must be able to maintain the legacy codes. On top of that, to transform and migrate older codes to new, better performing applications will be needed in case customers have newer requirements. Developer will need to create/update and maintain the current documentation in case of updates or bug fixing on any application.
  5. Strong understanding of programming languages is needed as there will be the need to work with different platforms and projects and also with vendors/customers.
  6. Developer also needs to be involved in ISO 27001 audits, while properly documenting deployed applications according to ISO standards to ensure the safety and security of data and applications available.
  7. In case of need the Developer will support other programmers involved in other development projects. The developer will also need to work together with other teams to document, create/develop/design and support the new applications in case the needs arise.
  8. There will also be needs to communicate with other vendors/customers in case of requirements gathering, analysis and design.
  1. Diploma in computer science or other related programming/computer fields.
  2. At least 3 years of experience in PHP/Java programming.
  3. Familiar with Python.
  4. Experience in variety of web services, and different data interchange formats (e.g. JSON, XML, CSV).
  5. Good experience in interfacing with SQL servers (e.g. MySQL, ORACLE, Microsoft SQL, Postgres).
  6. Well verse with debugging and troubleshooting methods.
  7. Proficient in English.
  8. Knowledge in Linux/Unix is an advantage.
  9. Experience in C/C++ and Python programming is an advantage.
  10. Experience in IDE (e.g. Eclipse, PyCharm) or Linux editors (e.g. Vim) is an advantage.
  11. Experience in AWS/cloud development environment is an advantage.
  12. Experience in Git versioning protocol is an advantage.
  13. Able to work with different languages and scripting, and strong understanding of programming languages (able to work in different platforms of languages is an advantage).
  14. Strong initiative and proactive in application development, documenting (workflow, charts) and support.
  15. Excellent communication skills (able to follow directions closely and accurately) and ability to work with a team remotely, while reporting necessary details to superior as required.
  16. Excellent complex problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  17. Exemplify superior time management skills and capable of working productively with minimal supervision.
  18. Attitude for learning new technology.
Call Centre Executive / Customer Service / SOC Advisor
Job Function
  1. Report and documents all information according to the format following internal ticket management procedures strictly.
  2. To act in a professional and efficient manner in handling all inbound and outbound call, emails and faxes.
  3. Handle customers enquiries and requests following the latest update details communicated.
  4. Managing existing customers requests –data update, transfer, account renewal, transfer, sold replacement, migration, troubleshooting and complaint management.
  5. Resolves product or services problems by identifying the exact problem, determine the root cause, explain and offer appropriate fix, escalate and expedite on correction action and follow up closely to ensure resolution fix end to end.
  6. Assist installers to register, test and activate a new account in system.
  7. Manage alerts involving theft, crashes-call request and Stolen Vehicle Recovery following strictly the guidelines from superior.
  8. To undertake any ad-hoc duties assigned by the Supervisor and/or from the management from time to time.
  9. Must be able to work on shifts as scheduled.
  1. Posses a minimum diploma/degree or its equivalent in any discipline.
  2. At least 1-2 year(s) of working experience in a customer oriented industry-telemarketing, customer service or help desk.
  3. SPM can be considered with at least 3-4 year(s) of working experience.
  4. Good communication skill in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Ability to speak in Mandarin an added advantage.
  5. Excellent work attitude with good time management.
  6. Able to learn quickly and motivated.
Production Operator
Job Function
  1. Follow the work instruction and product specification.
  2. Take instruction from the line leader and manager.
  3. To ensure workmanship in quality and production target is achieved.
  4. Keep work area clean tidy and always practice good 5s.
  5. Report any product discrepancy , equipment / machine or any production problem to the line leader or manager.
  6. Proper handling of materials and equipments to prevent damage and deterioration.
  7. Segregate and identify non-conforming products.
  8. Record daily production report for pass and reject quantity.
  9. Switch off equipment when is not in use.
  10. To undertake other tasks from time to time.
  1. Must have at least SPM and able to read write well in English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  2. Able to follow instructions and good attitude towards work and procedures.
Senior Executive Sales & Marketing
Job Function
  1. To develop After Market (AM) dealers network and expand sale opportunities for CSE products.
  2. To support Insurance Telematics by providing support to AXA personnel.
  3. To develop CSE Fleet business via available channel I the market.
  4. Prepare monthly sale report.
  5. Develop a strong and close working relationship with Dealer and foster a regular contact (weekly) and collaborative working relationship with dealer and key dealer personnel to increase option sales and sales to existing customers.
  6. To have sufficient knowledge of product for sales at Dealers to promote with confidence and enable a close working relationship with dealers.
  7. Ensure that marketing materials and sales tools are available at the dealers and are up-to-date at all times.
  8. Conduct presentation on CSE products and equipped dealers with strong product knowledge to convince customers for purchase.
  9. Assist the dealer where required by presenting CSE products to clients introduced by dealers using sales and presentation materials and demonstration tools.
  10. Assist in ensuring that all payments are received from business partners/customers in a timely manner. Follow up on subscription renewal.
  11. Ensure target sales turnover volumes are achieved at all times as a primary KPI and assist in achieving the company’s overall sales and business objectives.
  12. Support all marketing and sales activities and attend all internal meetings and events when required.
  13. Ensure dealers and customers are kept up-to-date with our products and services including new products and updates at all times.
  1. Able to demonstrate a successful track record and achievement with a minimum of 1 - 2 years’ experience in a business to business sales environment. Sales experience in automotive dealer sales would be an added advantage. However successful track record in Office Equipment, IT, Telco, or network services would be acceptable.
  2. Minimum Diploma or relevant working experience preferred.
  3. Must be able to communicate in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Chinese speaking is essential and preferred.
  4. Willing to work long hours when requested and required.
  5. Good time management. Punctual and on-time for appointments.
  6. Highly responsible with positive work attitude.
MIS Executive
Job Function
  1. Application Support (ERP)
    Provide support in any means to users that face difficulties in using the system.Identify the needs of the employees at CSE Group of Companies on the ERP system.Carry out a thorough study on the various function in the system to ease the employee’s workload.To ensure the ERP system runs smoothly without any disruption and provide support to fulfill users need.
  2. Documentation, Process Flows, TS, etc
    Collate information from users and documents the process flow based on the information provided .Study and revise on the existing documentation and processes.
  3. Programmin g(Customer, Crystal Reporting)
    Able to create/modify existing programs to extract data from the ERP system when necessary based on the users request /need.
  4. Training
    Able to train users on the ERP modules.
  1. With IT and ERP knowledge.
  2. Minimum 2 years with relevant ERP working experience.
Warehouse Assistance Cum Driver
Job Function
  1. Handling of incoming or outgoing goods
  2. Ensure safety of goods and properly stored in the right location.
  3. Ensure part picking are according to the pick list or delivery order to production and customers.
  4. Updating of discrepancy/damages report.
  5. Ensure part movement in and out from warehouse with proper document to maintain the stock accuracy.
  6. Support spare part activities.
  7. Able to handle warehouse equipment including forklift,van,lorry and trolley and be responsible for maintenance and proper usage of these equipment.
  8. Maintain level of safety and housekeeping of warehouse.
  9. Ensure FIFO for part movement is in practices at all time.
  10. Ensure 100% On Time Delivery to Customers.
  1. Minimum of 6 months relevant working experience with GDL.
We offer an attractive remuneration that commensurate with experience and a challenging career awaits the successful candidate. Interested candidates are invited to submit their detailed resume online.

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