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Our Solution

Main features:

  • Event alert management (device sabotage due to possible theft, geofence, health check, etc.)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Service & maintenance portal
  • Road tax & insurance reminder
  • API integration ready
  • Automatic crash alert & response (CSE eCall)
  • Crash reconstruction report (upon request)
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) on demand
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Driving behavior
  • Self-powered device (Enhanced security)
  • Remote commands (Immobilise, door lock/unlock) as optional upgrade
Retail RM1200
(inclusive of 1 year service)

Installation RM200

Service RM30/month
(2nd year onwards)

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today for more information at:

SOC Customer Service +603 5123 2847
WhatsApp +6019 216 6250

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