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Frequently asked questions

We offer 2 product configurations:

  • Wired device + SPD is for professional fit that offers better security
  • OBD + SPD can be self-installed (DIY)

You may transfer to a different vehicle but you will need to re-register the device in the system. There is no charge for re-registration. Any credits on the existing contract will be transferred to the new contract. However, device transfer fee may be applicable.

For professional fit and system transfer, please call our SOC at +603 5888 0000.

Cobra Bridge can be installed in most cars.

Yes, location can be accessed via our user friendly mobile app (FleetJet) and web (ScienceJet).

Yes, if Wired/OBD device is tampered, you will receive push and email alerts followed by a call from our SOC who will verify the situation with you. However, if your vehicle is stolen, you need to call our SOC to report theft.

The battery life span of the SPD is up to 3 years depending on the frequency of the wake up time. However, you will need to replace the battery – 2x Lithium Battery/AA(Li-SOCL2) and it can be purchased via our online cart – or at Cobra Auto, our authorized dealer in Glenmarie.

Cobra Bridge is an independent system which will not interfere with any other security system or devices in the vehicle.

The devices are manufactured to the highest quality and are automotive certified. In the unlikely event that it is proven by the vehicle manufacturer that the device damages the electrical circuits or any other parts of the vehicle, CSE will fully bear the cost of repair and/or the warranty claims.

Apart from proactive theft management, stolen vehicle recovery and automatic collision response, our 24/7 SOC also provides helpdesk and customer service support. Our SOC can be contacted at +603 5888 0000.

Unfortunately, the system will not work when there is no GPS/GSM network e.g. in a deep underground car park. However, the last entry location will be recorded and tracking will resume upon exit.

There will be a daily health check on the devices and if any of the devices are not working, you will receive an email & push notification.

We are an ISO 27001 certified company and strictly conform to the PDPA Act 2010.

2 years from the date of first service activation covering manufacturing defects.

Our system do not require any special maintenance or upkeep except for battery replacement for the SPD.

COBRA BRIDGE is a product that falls under the umbrella of CSE VEHICLE TELEMATICS


A complete vehicle telematics solution

  • Web & App portal > Covers 99% of customer needs for GPS monitoring, fleet & driver analytics
  • Hardware > Range of telematics devices, video telematics and accessories to meet customer needs
  • SOC > Driver event management, automatic collision response, emergency & breakdown call, theft management, stolen vehicle recovery
  • Service & maintenance portal > Vehicle service reminder, ticketing, road tax and insurance renewal
  • Crash reconstruction Report > based on trip data 60s before and 10s after the crash eg to support insurance or third-party claims

Fleet Management System

  • Dynamic dashboard > customise the dashboard for alert management
  • Online tracking > respond to any events in real-time
  • Fuel control > calculate fuel consumption with maximum accuracy
  • Statistics > comprehensive trip data, living area and heat map
  • Geofence > trace assets and events within the specified areas
  • Driver behaviour > driving quality and profiling
  • Route optimization > reduce mileage and time to destination
  • Sensor data reading > Canbus, OBD data
  • Maintenance management > Plan, control and record expenses for maintenance
  • Delivery management/job dispatch > transportation arrangements, delivery route planning & cost savings
  • Video telematics > DVR and Mobile DVR with AI camera
  • TPMS – Tyre Monitoring System
  • Temperature Monitoring

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