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Our Solution

CSE Vehicle Telematics


  • Web & App portal > Covers 99% of customer needs for GPS monitoring, fleet & driver analytics
  • Hardware > Range of telematics devices, video telematics and accessories to meet customer needs
  • SOC > Driver event management, automatic collision response, emergency & breakdown call, theft management, stolen vehicle recovery
  • Service & maintenance portal > Vehicle service reminder, ticketing, road tax and insurance renewal
  • Crash reconstruction Report > based on trip data 60s before and 10s after the crash eg to support insurance or third-party claims


  • Dynamic dashboard > customise the dashboard for alert management
  • Online tracking > respond to any events in real-time
  • Fuel control > calculate fuel consumption with maximum accuracy
  • Statistics > comprehensive trip data, living area and heat map
  • Geofence > trace assets and events within the specified areas
  • Driver behaviour > driving quality and profiling
  • Route optimization > reduce mileage and time to destination
  • Sensor data reading > Canbus, OBD data
  • Maintenance management > Plan, control and record expenses for maintenance
  • Delivery management/job dispatch > transportation arrangements, delivery route planning & cost savings
  • Video telematics > DVR and Mobile DVR with AI camera


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