Terms & Conditions for Connex Mercedes
Terms & Conditions for Theft
  1. In case of a health check failure alert, the vehicle should be made available to the SOC for fault checking and rectification immediately as the compensation will not be valid until any reported fault Is resolved.
  2. In case of manual theft declaration (when you call our SOC to report a theft), compensation is only valid if the SOC is able to establish connection and track your vehicle. If connection and tracking are successful, you will receive an SMS alert that the SOC is managing the recovery of your vehicle.
  3. In case of automatic theft declaration (the system in the vehicle has declared a theft), the SOC will attempt to call you immediately for verification of the theft. If unsuccessful, the SOC will leave a text message for you to return call urgently and proceed to terminate the theft alert. In case of non-recovery, your compensation will not be valid.
  4. In case you set the system into ignore mode, all alerts will be disabled and compensation will not be valid.
  5. Credit validity period is 6 months from date of police report.
Terms & Conditions for Accident Compensation
  1. Call our customer service at +603 5888 0000 immediately to make a report to confirm your compensation entitlement.
  2. Claims must be made within 2 months from the incident date.
  3. Claim for reimbursement is only valid for the period when the vehicle is under repair and has no daily limit.
  4. Transport services claim includes airfare, car rental, taxi fare or towing.
Documents required
  1. CSE compensation claim form
  2. Police report of the incident
  3. Copy of your I.C.
  4. Copy of your insurance claim form (where applicable)
  5. Copy of your repair invoice from an authorised workshop (where applicable)
  6. Copy of your official receipt from your transport services (where applicable)

Note: Terms & Conditions may change without prior notice.

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