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The revolutionary Motorimage Metasat Connected Car has arrived.
Stay connected with your Subaru with the exciting new mobile application.
And enjoy peace of mind with our Safety, Security, Smart Lifestyle
and optional Tracking feature.

Key Features

To get started, just download the Motorimage Metasat mobile application. An email and SMS will be sent to you upon activation containing your username and password. Log in and take full control of your Subaru with your smartphone, wherever you are.


Stay Protected

Automatic Crash Alert & Emergency Response

In case of an emergency, the built-in accelerometre will automatically detect the exact location of your collision when the impact threshold is exceeded. Our 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) will then direct emergency services to you immediately.

Safety Alerts

TagA safety alert will be sent to you if the battery of your car device backup is low, or if the system fails to respond during a health check.

Emergency & Roadside Assist

If you are in need of help, one push of your eCall button on the Security tag or through the Motorimage Metasat mobile app when you are inside or next to your car will activate our SOC. Our experienced personnel will contact you to assess the situation then direct emergency services such as the Ambulance Service, Police, Fire Brigade or Roadside Assist to your location as fast as possible.


Peace of mind

Theft Recovery Process

If the system alerts us to a possible theft, our Security Control room will immediately contact you to verify if your car has been stolen. If you confirm your car is stolen, we will activate our theft recovery process and work in close coordination with the Police to recover your car as fast as possible.

Security Alerts

A theft alert will be sent to you and our SOC will call you immediately if:

  • Your car battery is disconnected
  • Your car is towed
  • The device wiring is cut
Valet parking protection

If your car is stolen from a valet parking lot, your CG will be invalid and you will be unable to claim your car insurance.

For additional protection, do not hand over your Security tag together with your car key to the valet.

Should your car be driven off without your Security Tag, you will be notified by SMS and on your mobile app. If the theft is confirmed, please call the SOC immediately.

Compensation Guarantee

Motorimage Metasat Connected Car offers an exclusive compensation payment to cover the related costs associated with car theft.

Workshop bill up to RM5,000

Preserve your insurance no claims discount. If your stolen Subaru is recovered within 72 hours, we will reimburse you for your workshop bill to cover the damages caused by the theft.

RM15,000 credit for a new Subaru

In the unlikely event it’s NOT recovered within 72 hours, you will be compensated towards the purchase of a new Subaru at any Subaru branch or authorised dealer.

Up to RM 500 (per breakdown, maximum twice per subscription year) In case of an accident or breakdown, you may claim for rental car, taxi or towing expenses.

For Compensation Guarantee Terms & Conditions, please refer to the User Manual
Smart Lifestyle

Stay Connected

Our unique driving scoring system will analyse your driving style for each trip as shown below:

  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh cornering
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Driver fatigue and others

The scoring system is rated as below:

  • Score Green – Good
  • Score Yellow – Average
  • Score Red – Poor
Analyse and review your driving score
Check the condition of your car battery
Set reminders for your car service
Set / Unset Geofence (geographical boundaries for your car)
Journey history and trip details
Set / Unset speed limits for your car
Set / Unset your point of interest (POI)
Remote car finder on Google Maps
Track your car at border crossings (Singapore & Thailand) with GSM roaming
Manage multiple cars simultaneously
Switch to Privacy mode

You may activate Privacy mode at any time.

However, if Privacy mode is activated, the system will be unable to track your Subaru and all services will be compromised.

Compensation Guarantee (CG) does not apply when your car is in Privacy mode.

Tracking (optional)

Our optional Tracking feature allows you to track your car in real time:

  • Every 30 seconds
  • Every 400m
  • Every cornering
Telematics Motor Insurance

Did you know that you can earn up to 20% discount on top of your NCB?

Motorimage Metasat device can be linked to AXA FlexiDrive – The 1st Telematics motor insurance in Malaysia!

Find out more at

Motorimage Metasat Service Provider
CSE Secure Operating Centre (SOC)
Mon to Sat, 9am to 7pm
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