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Stay connected to your Mitsubishi with the latest revolutionary… Mitsubishi Connected. A unique telematics system that keeps you CONNECTED with your vehicle from your mobile app. That’s not all… Mitsubishi Connected also brings you Emergency, Security and Smart Drive which will give you peace of mind, wherever your journey takes you.

Key Features

Locate Your Car

Remotely find your car on Google Maps


Receive Alert Notifications

Accident alert, Theft alert, Low car battery alert


Enhance Re-Sale Value

Low Mileage & Accident Free Report

Set Service Reminders



Check Car Battery Status



Check Driving Score & Trip Analysis


Driving Score

Understand how good a driver you are based on acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, mileage


Accident Report & Reconstruction

Report generated to assist insurance companies to expedite the claim process


Insurance Telematics

You may decide on a new Usage Based Insurance (UBI) to be introduced from July 2017, eg. Pay How You Drive, Theft Protection Discount

Call Centre Services by CSE SOC (24/7 Secure Operating Centre)

Emergency Assist (Medical and Accident)

Our SOC will provide exact location of the vehicle to MERS 999 for emergency response services to be dispatched as fast as possible


Roadside Assist (Breakdown)

Our SOC will provide the exact location of the vehicle to Mitsubishi Roadside Assist Provider to dispatch their service vehicle as quickly as possible

Security Assist (Stolen Vehicle Recovery)

Our SOC will liaise with MERS 999 and the Police authorities to intervene and recover the vehicle as fast as possible


Concierge (CG Claim)

In case of accident, transportation from location to destination

Compensation Guarantee


In case of accident, compensation up to RM300 per day towards transport services for towing, e-hailing (Grab, Uber), car rental or taxi services.
Additional benefit with AXA FlexiDrive, compensation up to RM200 per day towards transport services.


If stolen vehicle is NOT RECOVERED within 72 hours:
  • Compensation with cash RM5000
  • Compensation towards the purchase of a new Mitsubishi RM5000
If stolen vehicle is RECOVERED within 72 hours, compensation towards vehicle repair cost
Terms & Conditions apply. Refer to user manual (page 5).
How to access
Mitsubishi Connected services:
Download the mobile app “DriveJet”
Open the app
You will receive the Login details via SMS during the activation of the device
Sign in with the Login and Password details provided