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Stay connected to your Mitsubishi with the latest revolutionary… Mitsubishi Connected. A unique telematics system that keeps you CONNECTED with your vehicle from your mobile app. That’s not all… Mitsubishi Connected also brings you Emergency, Security and Smart Drive which will give you peace of mind, wherever your journey takes you.

Key Features

Breakdown or Emergency Call

In case of an emergency (e.g. if you are having a sudden heart attack), click the SOS button on DriveJet mobile app to call our Secure Operating Centre (SOC). Our SOC will request for your vehicle registration number to localise your location, verify your needs and dispatch the nearest breakdown or medical assist to you as quickly as possible.

For breakdown – Our SOC will contact and provide the exact location of the vehicle to Mitsubishi Roadside Assist for further assistance.

For emergency – Our SOC will provide exact location of the vehicle to MERS 999 for emergency response services.

Emergency Crash Alert & Response

In case of an accident, Mitsubishi Connected automatically detects the collision whenever the impact threshold is exceeded. The system will send YOUR EXACT LOCATION to our SOC. If the crash severity is high, our SOC will direct emergency response services to you immediately.

Enhanced Security with:

Secure Mode - Virtual Alarm

You can activate Secure Mode to protect your vehicle with our Virtual Alarm. If your vehicle is started with Secure Mode activated, you will receive an SMS alert. Check if your vehicle is safe by using the “Find my car” feature on DriveJet. If your vehicle is stolen, call SOC by pressing the SOS button.


Security Alert

You will receive a theft alert followed by a call from our SOC if:
a. Your vehicle battery is disconnected
b. Your vehicle is towed
c. The device wiring is cut


Stolen Vehicle Recovery

If your vehicle is hijacked or stolen, call our SOC immediately. Upon verification, our SOC will liaise with MERS 999 to dispatch the emergency response for the intervention and recovery of your stolen vehicle as quickly as possible.

Compensation Guarantee

In case of accident, compensation up to RM300 per day towards transport services.

Additional benefit with AXA FlexiDrive compensation up to RM200 per day towards transport services.


If stolen vehicle is NOT RECOVERED within 72 hours:

1. Compensation with cash RM5,000.

2. Compensation towards the purchase of a new Mitsubishi RM5,000.

If stolen vehicle is RECOVERED within 72 hours, compensation towards repair cost.

Smart Drive
Smart phone connectivity with DriveJet

With an in-depth view of your car in the palm of your hands, you are able to:


Driving score
To understand your driving style based on speeding, mileage, acceleration, braking & cornering

Real time tracking
Track your vehicle's movement in real time

Find my car
Find your vehicle on Google Maps

Check real-time traffic information
Google map

Trip review
Monitor how your vehicle is being driven

Trip delete
Ability to delete unwanted trips

Speed - Set/Unset speed limit
Geofence - Set/Unset geofence entry/exit
Service & Maintenance - Set service reminder odometer/date
Secure mode - Activate/deactivate secure mode

Car status
Ignition status, vehicle & device battery and distance travelled

Feed (notification)
Notification through system/push

How to access
Mitsubishi Connected services:
Download the mobile app “DriveJet”
Open the app
You will receive the Login details via SMS during the activation of the device
Sign in with the Login and Password details provided
CSE Secure Operating Centre (SOC)
Mon to Sat, 9am to 7pm
Quick Contact
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