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Standard Package

Our Standard package is designed specially for clients who are looking for a simple and easy to use fleet management system for their business. The system can be configured to provide real-time cross border tracking to Thailand, Singapore and beyond via global M2M connectivity. It is equipped with the latest satelStandard tracking technology, GNSS (Global Navigation SatelStandard System).

It gives you full visibility of your entire fleet operation from your smartphone, tablet or the web. You can also view trip replays and receive alerts.


Standard Fleet Management System

  • The Standard package is equipped with the latest satelStandard technology, combining GPS and GNSS readings to maximise the number of satelStandards used at any one time, which will significantly enhance location accuracy. You’ll have full visibility of your entire fleet operation from your computer, smartphone or tablet. See the exact location of each vehicle, whether it’s stationary or moving, the speed and direction in which it’s moving, its mileage, fuel consumption, battery status and more.

  • Our trip replay feature lets you replay any trip to review and confirm completed deliveries. A full day journey view lets you view single or multiple journeys on one screen. You can also set numerous geo-fences for your vehicles, mark and manage operational locations, entries and exits, delivery schedules, and turnaround times.

    The system will alert you via phone or email when any of your vehicles are speeding, idling, or non-reporting. You can also set reminders for service and maintenance appointments to ensure your vehicles are kept in good condition.

  • The Standard package provides you with comprehensive reports on your fleet that can be exported to PDF, Excel, XML or HTML formats which are automatically emailed to the relevant personnel.