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Fleet Telematics
CSE Fleet Telematics provides advanced solutions for the fleet business including Driver Safety, Claims Management, Mobile Asset Management, Vehicle Security and Insurance Telematics.


Increase Operational Efficiency

We work closely with our clients to ensure we fully understand your business requirements. We propose solutions that are aligned with your strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Track the entire operation from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone

Increase fleet utilisation and productivity with driving style and performance monitoring

Monitor delivery schedules and turnaround times

Improve customer service

Improve Driver Safety

Our driver safety system, automated crash notification, theft alert and driving behaviour analysis encourage good driving behaviour and promote safety while on duty.

Promote safe driving with our unique driving score system

Review crash reports and accident reconstructions to help prevent future accidents

Get detailed reports on the performance of each driver


Reduce Cost Of Ownership

Using our analytics system, we reduce cost of ownership by providing better control over vehicle usage, improving utilisation, residual value and reducing unexpected downtimes.

Maintain asset value with analysis on vehicle data, maintenance and faults

Mitigate accident risk and vehicle downtime with good driving behaviour

Reduce fuel consumption and maintenance cost with good driving behaviour

Vehicle security protection with our 24/7 stolen vehicle recovery service to reduce insurance claims against theft

Reduce insurance claims and lower insurance premium with good driving score


Promote Sustainability



Our telematics data improves vehicle utilisation while reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary running and idling time. Most importantly, it promotes safe driving which not only reduces operating costs, but enables our clients to get the most cost effective usage based insurance.

CSE FLEET TELEMATICS provides advanced solutions with Driver Safety, Claims Management, Mobile Asset Management, Vehicle Security and Insurance Telematics.

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