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Fleet Telematics


Vehicle theft damages businesses.


Vehicle theft is an ongoing and financially damaging problem for all businesses. It disrupts business operations and leads to setbacks with insurance claims and premiums. Cost and complexity prevent many vehicle owners from securing their vehicles. That’s where we come in.


CSE Fleet Telematics provides a variety of solutions ranging from simple to the most advance and sophisticated devices and systems fit to your budget, operation and security requirements.


Enhanced Security Protection

Wireless Immobiliser

connects to any of our Telematics devices to remotely activate your vehicle’s horn and/or hazard lights and immobilise the vehicle.

Wireless Self-Powered Tracking Device

is a security device that is hidden anywhere in your vehicle for theft tracking and stolen vehicle recovery.

Back-up SVR System

acts as a security device for stolen vehicle recovery. Connex comes with a remote engine immobiliser that is covertly installed in your vehicle.


is a customisable security system designed for high value goods and cash in transit operations.


Depending on the level of security required, vehicle and operation, we can recommend the most suitable device or system. We can also combine all the devices and systems to suit your needs.


Our security products and services are supported by our 24/7 CSE Secure Operating Centre (SOC) which is ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certified. It provides theft alert management, vehicle tracking and close coordination with the police for stolen vehicle recovery.


Wireless Immobiliser


This Telematics security module is a control unit that can be paired with our CSE devices to provide the following security features:

Remote Immobilisation

This function is remotely activated by our 24/7 Secure Operating Centre to prevent thieves from starting your vehicle and driving off. This is used in cases of stolen vehicles and theft recovery processes.


Remote Dissuasion

This function is remotely set by our 24/7 Secure Operating Centre. It activates the vehicle’s horn and hazard lights to disrupt theft attempts.



Back-up SVR System (Stolen Vehicle Recovery)


This is an advanced GNSS telematics security system that detects unauthorised movement of your vehicle. It is fitted as an additional security device to back up the main fleet management system.


1 If your vehicle is stolen, our 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) Control Room will immediately activate theft dissuasion.


2 This sounds the vehicle’s horn, flashes the hazard lights and activates the immobiliser system.


3 The police will then be informed of the vehicle’s location and help you recover your vehicle.

Wireless Self-Powered Tracking Device


A compact and cost–effective stolen vehicle recovery solution.


A small device with a big impact


This device is a compact, easy–to–fit and cost–effective solution for stolen vehicle recovery. It is a small device, about the size of a credit card, which can be hidden even on motor bikes. Yet it is powerful enough to track large industrial equipment.

Powered by its own battery, it has an active lifespan of up to two years.


It can work as a standalone device or together with the main telematics unit for increased security.

Because it’s so affordable, you can install it on every fleet vehicle or trailer. The device is also easily transferrable between vehicles by contacting our customer service directly. Upon activation, it can be set to wake automatically once or twice a day.


If the vehicle is reported as stolen, it can be tracked and has a higher probability of recovery. Should the GPS signal be lost, the vehicle’s position can be pinpointed using GSM cell tower triangulation via the CSE network.

Benefits overview



  • Small size is easy to hide and fit
  • Compact design is easily transferable
  • Helpful and professional customer service from a 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC)


  • Wakes up once or twice a day for two minutes
  • GSM cell tower triangulation if GPS signal is lost
  • Connected to dedicated Telematics infrastructure


  • Protects a variety of valuable assets from vehicles to industrial equipment
  • Works as a standalone device or together with the main telematics unit for increased security

Cost Effective

  • Affordable tracking system
  • 12/24 month battery life depending on wake frequency



Anti-Hijack is a customisable system specially designed and developed to secure high value goods operations.


1 The client manages the system from their own Security Control Room. For example, if the driver’s door is opened while the engine is still running, the system assumes there's a hijack and the speed limiter activates automatically.


2 To deactivate the speed limiter, your Control Room will need to send a command to the system. Upon verification, the driver will have to flash his ID card to deactivate the system.


3 Once the speed limiter is activated, the vehicle will only be able to travel a certain distance programmed, for example 1km, before it is immobilised.

4 The vehicle's horn will start sounding and its lights will start flashing to attract attention and prevent the hijackers from taking the goods away.


5 Your Control Room will immediately be alerted and the hijacked vehicle will be monitored. Your Control Room will inform the Police of the hijack and guide them to the vehicle's exact location for their intervention and recovery.


6 The vehicle can only be restarted by entering a pin code generated by the Control Room.