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Wire-free Self-powered Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Defence Mercedes is an advanced wire-free self-powered telematics device that’s able to protect your vehicle from theft. If your car has been stolen, tap SOS on the Defence mobile app to declare theft with CSE Secure Operating Centre (SOC).
Implications of Car Theft:

Key Features

eSim Chip

  • Global roaming
  • Global roaming, and in Malaysia roaming (amongst Celcom, DIGI and Maxis)

Wire-free, fits anywhere in the car


Self-powered - 2 years battery life

Theft Check - wakes 3x a day to check for theft


Health check with location once a day on mobile app


Car Theft Compensation (NCD Protector)

How Defence Works


In the case of car theft, tap SOS on the mobile app to declare theft with CSE Secure Operating Centre (SOC).


SOC Control Room will send theft command to Defence. As soon as Defence wakes up, it will start to continuously send its location for stolen vehicle tracking.


SOC Control Room will inform the Police the location of the stolen vehicle for recovery.



Retail Price

Price includes 2-year service
RM 2,900
Renewal from 3rd year onwards
RM 255 per year
Advance renewal (30% discount)
RM 178 per year


Car Theft Compensation

If stolen car is NOT recovered within 14 days, compensation with cash
RM 8,000

*All features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All service fees are inclusive of 6% service tax.

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