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Cobra Defence M100
A wireless self-powered device that tracks stolen vehicles based on Satellite GPS/GLONASS

Small Device, Big Impact

Dramatically increase the chance for recovery of stolen vehicles


Small enough for an easy fit inside cars and motorbikes


Powerful enough to track large industrial equipment

Its intelligent characteristics: Self-powered by its own battery with up to 2 years’ lifespan


Track stolen vehicles based on Satellite GPS/GLONASS with Global roaming IoT SIM


Implications on car theft:

  • Loss of NCD upon claim
  • Outstanding bank loan payment needs to be continued
  • Insurance claim may take between 3 - 6 months
  • Loss of transport


  • Small sized box, easy to hide, easy to fit.
  • Self-installation, easily transferable.
  • Helpful and professional customer service.


  • CSE 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) for theft management and stolen vehicle recovery services.
  • Sends its location once a day for daily health check.
  • Notify via SMS and e-mail if device is faulty or battery is low.


  • Can protect a variety of valuable assets including cars, motorcycles, boats, construction equipment etc.
  • Works as standalone or in addition to a main telematics unit for increased security.


  • Affordable tracking system.
  • A wireless device powered by its own battery, with an active life-span of up to 2 years.
  • Battery replacement is a simple process.
System & Pricing (RM)
Cobra Defence M100
Retail price (1st year service – complimentary)
RM 980
     » Service renewal fee (Standalone)
RM 255/yr
     » Service renewal fee (If fitted with Cobra Connex)
RM 160/yr
Theft compensation with Cobra Connex or AXA FlexiDrive (in case of non-recovery within 7 days)
*Refer here for price details
Telematics device type

*Value depending on the package subscribed. All service fees are inclusive of 6% service tax.

Cobra Defence

Self-Powered Device

Dimensions (mm)
Length (L)
Width (W)
Height (H)

How It Works


Install & Activate

Discreetly fit M100 anywhere inside vehicle cabin or luggage compartment. Activate M100 upon registration.



M100 checks its status by waking at regular intervals.


Theft Declaration

If vehicle is stolen, the owner is required to declare theft with our 24/7 SOC. Upon verification, our SOC will then activate stolen vehicle recovery process on your stolen vehicle.


Locate & Track

Once M100 wakes up and detects the “theft declaration”, it will be “awake” for our 24/7 SOC to start tracking the stolen vehicle.



Our SOC will liaise with the Police and keep the owner updated on the theft recovery progress.


Theft Compensation

If M100 is subscribed in addition to Cobra Connex or AXA FlexiDrive, we will offer Theft Compensation if the stolen vehicle cannot be recovered within 7 days (value depending on the package subscribed).

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