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Protect your vehicle with enhanced SAFETY, SECURITY & MOBILE APP CONNECTIVITY

Vehicle Telematics Security

Security - Vehicle Security & Theft Recovery

You will also receive a theft alert followed by a call from our SOC if your vehicle battery is disconnected, device wiring is cut or your vehicle is driven without the ID tag.

In case your vehicle is stolen, call our SOC to declare theft. Upon verification, our SOC will liaise with the Police for the recovery of your vehicle immediately.

Safety - Automatic Accident Alert & Response

In case of a serious accident (>2g force), the device will automatically trigger an alert to our SOC with details of the crash location and severity level measured as Acceleration Severity Index (ASI).

Our 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) will call you to verify the situation. However, if the call is not answered and the ASI threshold exceeded, our SOC will liaise with MERS 999 to direct appropriate emergency response services to the crash location immediately.

Connectivity - DriveJet mobile app

Wherever you are in the world, DriveJet Mobile app keeps you CONNECTED with your vehicle.

Warranty Protection

Device warranty is 2 years from the date of first service activation.

Device is designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy. Homologation UN ECE R10-R&TTE.

Endorsed by AXA Affin General Insurance
Ready for AXA FlexiDrive motor insurance

Earn up to 20% on Safe Driving Discount.

No penalty for poor driving.

Optional Security Upgrade: Cobra Defence

A wireless self-powered device that tracks a stolen vehicle based on Satellite GPS/GLONASS.

Theft Compensation RM3K with Cobra Connex – In case your vehicle is stolen and cannot be recovered within 7 days, you will be compensated with cash.

Automatic accident alert & assistance
In case of an accident, the system will send an alert to the SOC who will call your mobile phone to verify the accident severity. If the ASI is high, our SOC will call MERS 999 for immediate emergency response to the exact accident location.

Theft alert management & vehicle theft recovery (VTR)
If you find your vehicle stolen, call our SOC by pressing the SOS button on the mobile app to declare a theft. Upon verification, our SOC will initiate theft recovery process and liaise with the Police for the recovery of your stolen vehicle as soon as possible.

System sabotage or battery disconnect
You will receive a theft alert and a call from our SOC.

Driver score dashboard
Check monthly and total driving score based on speeding, acceleration, braking & cornering. Check if ignition is ON/OFF and last parked location.

Secure mode virtual alarm
You can activate Secure Mode virtual alarm from anywhere with your mobile phone to protect your vehicle. If your vehicle is started with Secure Mode activated, you will receive a theft alert. Declare a theft from the SOS button on your mobile app for our SOC to liaise with the Police for vehicle theft recovery.

Find my car (real-time tracking)
Locate vehicle on Google Maps (satellite & street view). Check whether your vehicle is driving or parked, real-time traffic condition and location of your smartphone with location of your vehicle.

Trip review
Check your previous trips and your drive rating. Unwanted trips can be deleted.

Speed alert
You can set speed limit to receive alerts when your vehicle's speed is exceeded.

Geofence alert
Set a zone to receive alerts each time your vehicle enters and exits the zone.

Low car battery alert
Receive an alert on your mobile app when your car battery is low.

Service & maintenance reminder
Set your vehicle service due alert by mileage or date.

Car status
Check vehicle ignition status and battery voltage.

Multiple vehicle management
You can set up and manage all your vehicles fitted with Connex using the same mobile app.

Cobra Connex T30
Retail price (inclusive of installation, 1st year service – complimentary)
Service fee
ID Tag Wi9.1 (Automatic driver recognition) - Optional
Mobile app platform

Further upgrade your car security with Cobra Defence, a wireless self-powered device.

Cobra Defence M100
Retail price (1st year service - complimentary)
Service fee (standalone)
Service fee (if installed with Cobra Connex)
Theft compensation (if installed with Cobra Connex) – in case of non-recovery within 7 days

*All service fees are inclusive of 6% service tax.

Cobra Connex T30

Telematics Device

ID Tag (option)

Cobra Defence

Self-Powered Device