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CSE Connex

That’s why you need CSE Connex, an advanced GNSS Telematics Security System with Security Card Technology that is able to detect unauthorised movement of your vehicle. When your car stolen, the Secure Operating Centre (SOC), together with the police, will recover your car in less than 72 hours*. So, get the best security system for your car to ensure that it remains safe. * based on existing track record

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Motorimage Metasat

The revolutionary Motorimage Metasat Connected Car has arrived. Stay connected with your Subaru with the exciting new mobile application. And enjoy peace of mind with our Safety, Security, Smart Lifestyle and optional Tracking feature.

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Thank You CSE

Our long-time subscriber, Ms Christina, recently wrote us a heartfelt message for successfully recovering her vehicle just mere hours after it was stolen.
"Great Job and keep it up. I now can sleep well because I know that you are there awake to protect my vehicle."

About Us

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CSE Group is assessed by an independent auditor to validate alignment with various management and security ISO Standards:

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CSE Group is also compliant to the Environmental Quality Act 1974, Environmental Quality Scheduled Waste Regulation 2005 and GSR.

For three decades, CSE has been at the forefront in advancing Communications and Security Electronics technologies in the automotive industry. It is from these sectors where our acronym – CSE – was first derived and how the company took shape. Today, CSE has become our brand covering a diverse range of products.

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    Over the years, CSE has achieved many milestones -- starting in 1985 when CSE Automotive Technologies was the first company to introduce remote control car alarm system technologies in Asia. As a pioneer, it took hard work, belief and time to convince the industry to accept it.

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    It took two years, in fact, to convince Toyota and Honda in Malaysia to standard fit all their CKD (complete knocked down) cars with our remote control car alarm and central locking system.
    These breakthroughs became
    CSE’s first Original Equipment (OE) supply contracts.

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    In 1995, after continuously meeting the stringent industry demands, tests and audits, CSE achieved the preferred Tier 1 automotive supplier status to major car makers for theft-deterrent security systems.

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    Down the road, CSE also established technology partnerships with the Meta System Group in Italy and Fujitsu Ten Japan for OE business including parking aid systems, in-car entertainment and automotive electronic systems.

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    To enter the emerging telematics industry, CSE Telematics was established in 2002 to set up our own telematics data centre and a Secure Operating Centre (SOC) comprising of a Control Room and Call Centre. The Control Room operates 24/7 to provide theft alert management and stolen vehicle recovery services. The Call Centre provides service activation and customer support services six days a week.

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    In addition, CSE Meta was also incorporated to lead the design, development and manufacturing of telematics technologies for the automotive, fleet and insurance industries. The products - including hardware devices and software applications for telematics security, Connected Car, Connected Fleet and insurance telematics systems ready for Usage-Based insurance (UBI) – are all developed in-house.

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    The challenges exacted by the nature of the automotive industry – of constant advancements, improvements and innovation – can be inspiring and demanding at the same time. However, all our past developments and achievements have placed CSE in an excellent position to provide new, high-impact industry solutions for tomorrow. This brings us to the second part of our journey that we hope to travel with you – Our Vision.

The introduction of the remote control car alarm that changed the way drivers interacted with their vehicles took place 30 years ago. CSE was at the forefront then introducing this industry changing technology to Asia.
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Today, the CSE Group continue to provide market leading OE products and services to the automotive, fleet and insurance industries.

Our vision of tomorrow is to allow all drivers and vehicle owners which will also include companies who have their own vehicle fleet – whether it is for passenger cars or for commercial vehicles – to promote safe driving and enjoy the benefit of paying lower insurance premiums as a consequence.

This works on a simple idea that a person who drives safely should be paying less insurance premium compared to a driver who speeds and drives with less caution. In introducing Insurance telematics for Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), this would be known as Pay How You Drive (PHYD) applying more to commercial vehicles.

There is less risk for insurance companies in insuring commercial vehicle drivers who can provide evidence of good driving profile under our Connected Fleet system.

By the same token, a person who drives less (example, a housewife) should not pay the same amount of insurance premium compared to a person who travels more (example, a salesman). This has already been practised in Europe and applies to Pay As You Drive (PAYD) under our Connected Car system.

With the coming detariffication of the insurance industry by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2016, next year could be a challenging and exciting year for the insurance industry.; depending on how innovative the insurance companies are in packaging their products to stay ahead.

Both the commercial and passenger car manufacturers and distributors should also take the initiative to champion this good cause: To reward good drivers, reduce accidents on the road and save lives. The benefits of driver profiling, data crash analysis and advanced telematics fleet management are far reaching.

Besides insurance savings, safety, lower maintenance, reduced fuel and operating costs, the benefits extend to all parties involved. The benefits extend to the families of all people who drive and care for their loved ones, to vehicle fleet owners who demand better accountability from drivers and to automotive companies who seek to enhance their product offering before and after the sale.

We invite everyone to share and promote our vision of happy drivers, safer roads and smiles to the automotive, fleet and insurance industries. Drive safe!

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    CSE Automotive Technologies, a CSE (Communications & Security Electronics) Group company, was founded in1985 in Kuala Lumpur to establish a research, development and manufacturing centre for remote control car alarm systems.

    With an exclusive technology collaboration with Cobra Automotive Group Italy (Vodafone Automotive in 2015), CSE Automotive were the pioneers and the first to introduce remote control car alarm system technologies in Asia.

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    CSE Automotive secured its first OE (Original Equipment) supply contract in Malaysia with UMW Toyota Motor and Kah Motor Honda. All Toyota and Honda CKD (complete knocked down) cars assembled at the Malaysia assembly plants were fitted with our remote control car alarm and central locking system as standard equipment.

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    CSE Automotive has become the preferred Tier 1 automotive supplier to most of the major car makers for theft-deterrent security systems.

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    CSE Automotive secured technology partnerships with the Meta System Group in Italy and Fujitsu Ten Japan. These partnerships expanded our OE business to include parking aid systems, in-car entertainment and automotive electronic systems.

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    CSE cemented its entry into the emerging telematics industry by establishing CSE Telematics. This dedicated telematics operation has a regional telematics data centre infrastructure with 24/7 Secure Operating Centre (SOC) operations for theft management and stolen vehicle recovery services.

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    CSE Meta was incorporated to lead the design, development and manufacturing of Telematics technologies for the automotive, fleet and insurance industries.

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    CSE launched the first OES new car option Telematics Vehicle Security system in conjunction with Honda and available for all Honda models.

    In the same year, CSE's Telematics product offerings were again expanded with the launch of the Telematics fleet management system for commercial vehicles and fleet business, Minorplanet

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    CSE Telematics entered into an OE partnership with Scope Technologies South Africa to provide professional fleet Telematics solutions under our own CSE Cobralink brand.

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    The CSE Group continues to provide market leading OE products and services to the Automotive, Fleet and Insurance industries.

    For the car manufacturers and distributors, Connected car system, for the commercial vehicle manufacturers and distributors, Connected fleet system and for the Insurers, Insurance Telematics for UBI – Usage based insurance, Pay as you drive and Pay how you drive insurances.

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    CSE Automotive teams up with Subaru Asia to provide OE "Connected Car" system for the new 2016 Subaru Forester

CSE Automotive Technologies, a CSE Group company founded in 1985 continues to provide market leading OE and Telematics products and services to the Automotive, Fleet and Insurance industries. Our aim is to provide solutions and peace of mind to meet the ever evolving security and safety needs.

We are certified with ISO TS16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 and lately ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and poised for business expansion. We seek dynamic individuals to take on exciting challenges and join us to forge ahead with us. If you are a team-player, committed with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude, initiative, innovative and passionate, we like to hear from you!
Assistant Supervisor Warehouse and Delivery cum Driver
Job description
  1. Assist Warehouse Executive in daily warehouse operation incoming and outgoing goods.
  2. Ensure safety of goods and properly stored in the right location.
  3. Ensure part picking are according to the pick list or delivery order to production and customers.
  4. Ensure all transaction is updated in the ERP systems and able to back up warehouse executive.
  5. Support Delivery Supervisor in daily operation and delivery to customers.
  6. Updating of discrepancy / damages report (if any).
  7. Ensure part movement in and out from warehouse with proper document to maintain the stock accuracy.
  8. Support spare part activities (prepare as per the requirement arranged by planner).
  9. Able to handle warehouse equipment(s) including forklift, van, lorry, and trolley and be responsible for maintenance and proper usage of these equipment.
  10. Maintain a level of safety and housekeeping of warehouse.
  11. Ensure FIFO for part movement is in practices at all times.
  12. Ensure 100% On Time Delivery to Customers.
  1. Minimum of 6 months relevant working experience.
  2. MUST have GDL License.
MIS Executive
Job description
  1. Provide hardware and software support to CSE’s group of companies.
  2. Co-administrator of CCTV systems
  3. Co-administrator of Card Access System
  4. Co-administrator of Telephony System
  5. Maintain existing physical network infrastructure linked to CSE’s group of companies. Able to troubleshoot and identify area of improvement.
  6. Provide telephone support to CSE’s group of companies. Able to troubleshoot and identify areas for improvement.
  7. Auditing desktop and notebook every quarterly of the year to ensure hardware is error free, no illegal software usage or downloaded and also makes use of the time to carry out necessary software update.
  8. Training coordinator of office equipment, desktop and software.
  9. Ensure the provision of documentation which is accurate in order that future enhancements or correction can be carried out effectively.
  1. Higher Diploma in Computer Sciences.
  2. Minimum 3 years experience in relevant IT background.
Customer Service Associate
Job description
  1. To handle customer's complaint/enquiries and based on the latest update of the product, services, price with accurate and precise information.
  2. To resolve products or service problems by clarifying customer's complaint.
  3. Able to determine the cause of problem, providing the best solution in solving the problem, escalating and/or expediting on correction action as well as to follow up closely to ensure resolution.
  4. To work in a professional and efficient manner in handling all inbound and outbound calls, emails, faxes and letters within agreed response time and making appropriate transfer.
  5. To manage existing customer's accounts for data update, transfer and account renewal and documentations.
  6. To be able to diversify and learn other job function during cross skill and knowledge transfer training.
  7. To undertake any ad-hoc duties assigned by the superior and /or from the management from time to time.
  8. Good communication skills, excellent interpersonal, excellent phone etiquette, good time management skills and teamwork spirit with positive work attitude.
  9. Regular working hours but required to work on alternate Saturday.
Telematics Business Executive
Job description
  1. Assist the Telematics Business Development in developing strategy and implement business development plans in all markets to grow the Telematics product market.
  2. Assist the development of projects with Telematics Business development and Product Manager
  3. Responsible for preparing training materials for new products. Updating training materials from time to time. Conducting training for internal staffs and customers.
  4. Responsible for system deployment, customer training and ongoing customer support for Telematics projects. Plan, schedule and project manage the product deployment process with the customers, business partners and internal departments (e.g. Sales, Tech Support etc). Providing deployment support in linking backend (e.g. Product Platform Managers, Marcom) to frontend (e.g. Sales, Account Managers, Technical Support).
  5. Provide monthly reports to update on the progress and implementation of Telematics projects, to highlight problems and challenges faced and to provide counter measures and resolutions and ensure that KPIs and business objectives are achieved.
  6. Ensure that sufficient competitive information from the market is collected and used for business strategy and improvement.
  7. Report to the Telematics Business Development and product platform manager regularly with feedback on CSE Telematics products and solutions, and any information that will help CSE improve the product offering and increase market share.
  1. Degree / Diploma.
  2. Computer/IT literate with Business background.
  3. Organized, meticulous, responsible, quick to learn and motivated.
  4. Strong planning skills.
  5. Proactive and strong initiative to get tasks done.
  6. Good attitude and communication skills.
  7. Experience in Telematics’ industry(preferable)
Telematics Data Analyst
Job description
  1. Review the Telematics data collected, understand how individual driving behaviour and crash pattern can be described by Telematics data, and identify specific driving patterns that can predict driving risks, and propose feedback to improve driving behaviour and reduce the corresponding risk.
  2. Provide operational analytics support to client analysts and delivery teams.
  3. Contribute to the evolutionary development of algorithms to assess motor insurance risk and deliver feedback to clients.
  4. Prototype new product features in conjunction with the product development team.
  5. Research alternative modelling methodologies.
  6. Monitor progress to deadlines.
  7. Provide consultation and analysis to the sales support group on marketing presentations.
  8. Build relationships internally and collaborate effectively on cross-functional teams.
  9. Demonstrate natural ease and effectiveness when dealing with client/colleagues at all levels.
Education/ Experience
  1. Qualifications should be in either actuarial science or Mathematics.
  2. SPSS, R programming language, R studio Integrated Development Environment Knowledge.
  3. Good attitude and communication skills.
  4. Experience in the Telematics Industry.
System Administrator
Job description
  1. Windows and Linux servers administration.
  2. Maintain and support network and system Infra.
  3. Monitor system and network health status.
  4. Perform system and application update.
  5. Put in place and maintain backup and recovery procedure.
  6. Maintain and support ISO27001 procedures and requirements.
  7. Maintain and support SOC daily operation.
  8. Maintain and support CEO house network and system.
  9. Alternate weeks 24x7 on call.
  1. Master or Bachelors in Computer Science or relevant experience.
  2. Minimum 2 years of system administration experience.
  3. Experience in Windows and Linux servers administration.
  4. Good understanding of TCP/IP.
  5. Experience with network appliances (routers, switches, firewall, etc).
  6. Able to be on 24x7 standby.
SOC Advisor/Customer Service Officer
Job description
  1. To work in a professional and efficient manner in handling all inbound and outbound calls, emails, faxes and letters sent to SOC within agreed response time and making appropriate transfer.
  2. To follow up on customer’s request and enquires and requests based on the latest update of the product, services, price with accurate and precise information.
  3. Good telephone manner with good communicational skills.
  4. Ability to work on shifts as scheduled for 24/7 operations centre.
We offer an attractive remuneration that commensurate with experience and a challenging career awaits the successful candidate. Interested candidates are invited to submit their detailed resume online.

Human Resource Department

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